Glamping with HOSHINOYA Fuji


Have you even been to a glamp camp? Let me take you to HOSHINOYA Fuji. It is Japan’s very first, and it has a gorgeous view of Mount Fuji.

Only 20 minutes away from Kawaguchi-ko Station, HOSHINOYA Fuji is nestled in the hills and pine forests. If you’re looking for a quiet place to chill and enjoy the view, this is pretty much the place to be.

I love Cloud Terrace. It’s located at the very top of the resort. Our glamping room was located on the foot of the hill. In saying that, it was worth the 15 minute hike up to Cloud Terrace! Surrounded by pine forest, there were many layers of decks, hammocks and seating area to lounge in. I was transported into Endor, you know, where you find cute Ewoks.

HOSHINOYA FUJI_Hello Miss May_Cloud Terrace.JPG

And if you make it to the top of Cloud Terrace, a jar of marshmallows are pretty much waiting for you. And yes, you gotta make a s’more from the open campfire.

In the evening, we had Dutch Oven Dinner out in the forest. It was actually a really cosy dinner, where we feast on autumn mushrooms and game meats, sourced locally. I always love mushrooms and it was a treat. There was even wild boar in the menu! Our glamping master took great care of us, we stayed nice and warm with electric and wool blankets.

In the early morning, my brother went for a morning canoe in Lake Kawaguchi. It is one of five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji.

HOSHINOYA FUJI_Hello Miss May_Breakfast.JPG

Breakfast came in the cutest wooden box. We had delicious Spanish omelette and mushroom soup with freshly baked Dutch oven-baked bread. We got to enjoy breakkie in our room with the view of Mount Fuji. I could easily spend here all day!

Japan, 〒401-0305 Yamanashi Prefecture, 南都留郡富士河口湖町大石1408

A retreat at HOSHINOYA Kyoto

Hoshinoya Kyoto_HELLO MISS MAY

Beautiful HOSHINOYA Kyoto. It was such a lovely retreat. I felt so close to nature, surrounded by the turquoise blue Oigawa River and forest of Arashiyama.

It’s a unique one-of-a-kind experience, not to be missed, if you’re after a luxury ryokan experience in Japan. It’s by far, my favourite, as everything about HOSHINOYA Kyoto is beautifully designed.

Hoshinoya Kyoto_HELLO MISS MAY

The rooms are very minimal, with soft coloured walls matched with tatami and dark timber flooring. Oh, and I’m in love with the state-of-the-art toilet, the lid opens up automatically when it senses me entering the toilet room. Now, that’s impressive!

We have a Hotaru double with a king size bed, lounge room (which doubles up as a dining room in the morning) and a bathroom overlooking the river. It was very peaceful in the morning, with birds tweeting. Occasionally, the operating tourist train from the opposite side will come around for a quick stop to look over the resort.


There’s a short walk you can do around the resort. It’s very pretty at night as well. It feels like you’re in a 19th century village, as the lanterns are all lit up.

There’s a sake bar and a fine dining experience, which I truly enjoyed. My brother and I had a feast of the Autumn Degustation. It was an 8-course meal, and I can tell you that by the end of the meal, we were so full, we had to make room for dessert. The chef has prepared the dishes according to the availability of ingredients at the local market. As it’s autumn season, there’s a wide variety of mushrooms to be had (which I loved!).

I had a wonderful time staying at HOSHINOYA Kyoto. It’s not everyday I get to stay in a beautiful luxury retreat like this, and am truly grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you HOSHINOYA Resorts for hosting me.

Japan, 〒616-0007 Kyoto Prefecture, 京都市西京区嵐山元録山町11−2

Makers Shakers Sydney

Makers Shakers Sydney

Great news Sydneysiders! Come find me at Stall 25 this Saturday, 6th October. Hello Miss May store is returning again with the awesome one day market called Makers Shakers.

I’ll be selling my cute prints, cards and lapel pins. So, pop by and say hello!

Makers and Shakers is back at Marrickville Town Hall. It is packed with talented designers and makers. And did I mentioned bakers are gonna bake as well?

It’s a cute one day only independent market. Think of really good music and well curated stalls.

Makers Shakers Sydney

For more information, pop over Makers Shakers’ website. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram too!

See ya guys there!

Makers Shakers Sydney

Minimalist Perfection at HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Hoshinoya Tokyo_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG

HOSHINOYA Tokyo brings me joy. Located in the heart of Tokyo, it was a beautifully curated ryokan. Modern and sophisticated interior. Think of a minimal place to be, with ample of space and well placed and chosen furniture. I love the natural feel of it. Everything was well thought out, from the placement of the tatami mats to the hidden television (you’ll have to find out when you get here).

We had the 14th floor room, it had a onset bath and a lounge room. More space than we ever need. We checked in at night :) I’m in love with the cushions and ceramic ware! 

The next morning we were treated to a delicious Japanese breakfast (there is also a western option for those craving bacon and eggs). Beautifully presented, a flatlay perfection. There were a range of little breakkie treats to try from miso soup to sesame pudding. We were spoilt for choice!

And don’t forget to check out the onsen at the very top floor. It was a surprise and delight. The hot spring is split into two, for men and women. I thoroughly enjoyed the full view on the sky in one part of the hot spring baths.

Hoshinoya Tokyo Interior_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG

Have you ever tried classic Japanese and French cuisine? We were treated to a beautiful 8 course “Nippon Cuisine” at HOSHINOYA Tokyo. The dishes were designed by Chef Noriyuki Hamada.

It was a delight as each dish were almost of miniature size, full of flavour and made with beautiful ingredients. My favourite (too many to choose from) has got to be the Five Flavours of Delight and the miniature savoury cake called Apple dish.

As much as the dishes were in small portion, it was the right amount, as by the end of the 8th dish, we were very full.

Thank you again for a wonderful time.

Hoshinoya Tokyo_Dinner_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG
Japan, 〒100-0004 Tokyo, 千代田区大手町1丁目9−1

OMO5, You Cool.

OMO 5 Tokyo_Hoshinoya_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG

Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is located in a cute part of town called Otsuka, or shall I say, part of Metropolitan Tokyo. Let’s get real, Tokyo is huge! The city alone has a population of 20million people, it makes Australia’s population, tiny in comparison.

I love Otsuka. There were streets filled with little Japanese restaurants and bars. It’s low key and local.

I’m loving the loft style bedroom at OMO5. Small and compact, it’s perfect for my city dream kind of dwelling. The beds appear at the top bunk, with a lounge area at the bottom. It’s a very clever and minimal design. I kept telling the staff, if I have a studio apartment, this would be the inspiration!

The guest rooms are designed in the style of traditional Japanese wooden tower called yagura. The smell of cypress wood and tatami mats, always bring me fond memories of Japan.

OMO 5 Tokyo_Hoshinoya_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan .JPG

OMO5 Cafe was a treat. There were ample of seating area to choose from, we picked one with the Otsuka view. You have got to try their signature morning pastry, vol-au-vents. I’ve got avocado topping for mine.

This is a cool and modern apartment style living, for those who are looking for a different hotel experience. I love OMO5, and I hope to return again.


Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka 
2 Chome-26番地1号 Kitaotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0004, Japan

Living the Dream at Island Shangri-La

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong_HELLO MISS MAY.JPG

I’ve always wanted to explore Hong Kong and it has always been a dream of mine to stay at Island Shangri-La. The view of Victoria Harbour from the hotel itself is just breathtaking.

We actually stayed there during Typhoon Mangkhut. It was my first time experiencing one, we were advised to stay indoors. We could see the trees swaying, feel the strong wind blasting against the window. And it rained the entire day! But in saying that, we felt very safe with Island Shangri-La.

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong-Tea Time_HELLO MISS MAY.JPG

There was breakfast buffet, then there was brunch at Lobster Bar & Grill. Think of free-flowing Champagne and wine and delicious bite size treats. Well, I’m more of a peppermint tea kind of girl, and am happy for a free-flow of tea, anytime. My favourite has got to be the lobster bisque. Mmm!

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong-Brunch_HELLO MISS MAY.JPG

Pink Afternoon Tea was a delight. There were miniature treats to-die-for. Think of Norwegian smoked salmon sandwich, Strawberry cheesecake, Raspberry lamingtons and rose flavoured scones. All yummy!

We always had a wonderful experience at Shangri-La, and thank you Island Shangri-La for an amazing time. Even with the raging typhoon and all. I look forward to returning to Hong Kong again, as there are many places to eat (and explore)!



Island Shangri-La Hong Kong- Pink Afternoon Tea_HELLO MISS MAY.JPG
Island Shanri-La, Hong Kong
Pacific Place, Supreme Ct Rd, Central, Hong Kong

Hello The Makers and Shakers : Emma + Lee

Makers Shakers Canberra.jpg

I am super duper excited to be part of The Makers and Shakers Canberra this June. It is a one day art and design market, so, if you're in town, pop in to say hello. 

The Makers and Shakers Canberra
Albert Hall, 100 Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla, ACT 2601
23rd June 2018

Here, I'm excited to share an interview of Emma Morris + Lee Glezos. How it all happened. What inspired them most. Their cute dog with a super cute name. These guys are so funny together. I always tell Emma she should do a talk show or a podcast (anything, so I can tune in hehe)

Read all about it below!



1. Tell us a little bit of yourself. And how did you meet Lee? 

Emma: It was in 2005 so before dating apps and social media. That means we met the old school way - at Bar Open on Brunswick St in Fitzroy (in Melbourne). But I approached Lee because I had seen him at the State Library for months (and we both used it as our office and I learnt that we were both studying for our Honours). 

Lee: I agree with that story. I’d also add that 2005 really was a unique time to start a relationship. Melbourne was changing rapidly with things like the start of speciality coffee and small bar scene, there was tonnes of exciting energy coming from new-beginnings and change when we first got together.


Meet the founders. Image via

Meet the founders. Image via

2. We know you have cute dog named McNulty. 

Emma: McNulty - he is very cute but he's a Jack Russell so very opinionated about how the world works (and at 13, very set in his ways). His latest obsession is carrots. He can't get enough of carrots. 


Lee: I love that dog. When we adopted him, we did a six week 'basic manners course', where he learned things like how to sit on command, come when called, and not bark at people that came to the front door. Each week he was top of the class, but at home he flatly refused to do anything he'd leaned in class. He was making conscious choices to disobey all of our commands! In the end we just let him be free range. He sometimes likes to cuddle up on the couch, but often he's off doing his own thing.

Makers Shakers Canberra.jpg
Emma Morris in super cute vintage outfit at Round She Goes. Image via Round She Goes.

Emma Morris in super cute vintage outfit at Round She Goes. Image via Round She Goes.

3. How did the Makers and Shakers all started?

Emma: For ten years I have run a market for women's preloved fashion called Round She Goes. Around three years ago, I noticed I was often approached by makers of things other than fashion and I realised there was a need to innovate another market just for independent makers. I enlisted Lee as my sidekick to create The Makers and Shakers Market.

Our goal was to create a mid-sized event, curating Australia's best upcoming and established makers of homewares and food, but offering participation at a fair price point.

Lee: We love to create events that we ourselves would like to attend. We had met a bunch of indie makers through Round She Goes, and developed the idea that there was a need for a market that held concepts like ‘meet the maker’ and ‘locally-made’ as its core principle. We wanted the event to be more than just exchanging money for goods. We wanted the public to feel they had licence to connect with makers, and come away from the event with a general appreciation for handmade goods.


The Makers and Shakers always draw a huge crowd. Image via

The Makers and Shakers always draw a huge crowd. Image via

3. The funniest thing that ever happened at the market

Emma: I'm a CRAZY Real Housewives fan (of all the cities) and probably the funnest rather than funniest is that Athena X from the Sydney franchise was a regular at our Sydney Round She Goes market and I had no idea. I loved her on the show. I Insta messaged her to tell her that I think she'd like this event as she is a fan of vintage clothing. She said, "I know darling, I already attend!" I've since met her there a couple of times (photo op!) and she is a regular shopper. She has excellent taste! 

Stalls at Makers and Shakers. Image via

Stalls at Makers and Shakers. Image via


4. Advice for makers out there. 

Emma: Excellent photography is a game-changer for attracting the right customers and getting accepted to markets. It's worth the investment to get professional shots taken. 

Lee: In terms of applying to The Makers & Shakers, being descriptive about how and why you make is really important to us. We receive such a large number of applications and we read all of them carefully. We preference locally-made and small-scale, so it's important to highlight these things, or list the sustainable/ethical dimensions of your product (e.g using local printers for stationary, using organic or fair trade ingredients in beauty products, etc.)  

Flowers at the Makers and Shakers. Image via

Flowers at the Makers and Shakers. Image via


5. My dream job when I was a kid…

Emma: I think I wanted to be a writer. English was my favourite subject and I was the BIGGEST book worm growing up. I ended up working in book publishing for most of my pre-market career, so I came pretty close. 

Lee: When I was 3 or 4 I wanted to be a waiter. Around that time I went to a relatives wedding and my mum bought me a black suit with a peacock green silk Pierre Cardin shirt. In the months following the wedding, I'd put the suit on around dinnertime and take drink orders from my family at the dinner table. Over the years, other interests took over and my dream of being a waiter went unfulfilled.    


6. If you + lee were superheroes, what would you guys be?

Emma: She-Ra Princess of Power. She had excellent 80s leotards/fashion sense and is The Most Powerful Woman In the Universe. Sounds pretty good to me! 

Lee: Monkey Magic was my favorite TV show growing up. Monkey was such a cheeky and lovable character. I was forever being told off by my grandmother as a kid, because I’d detach the sweeper bit from her broom, and spend hours in the backyard twirling the pole around and doing kung fu moves. I'd stand in the same spot for hours pretending to be riding the magic cloud.

Flatlay days of my favourite things. Image via May Leong.

Flatlay days of my favourite things. Image via May Leong.