Eat In Rainbow

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

Well, hello guys!

I'm starting off 2017 with rainbows. Weeeee! 

As seen on Instagram, I'm sharing some tips and tricks of making this gorgeous Eat in Rainbow flatlay. It's really easy. All you need is patience, a good weather (by good "flatlay" weather, I mean cloudy days haha) and a lovely white background to work with.

I normally position my flatlay board out in the courtyard, where I get lots of soft, natural light or as close as possible to the window when I style them in the kitchen. Avoid harsh afternoon sunshine hehe. 

Okay, now straight to the Rainbow flatlay.

The most important thing to have is a small plate (from a tea cup) or anything small and circular to start with, like a cellotape or a CD (Um, CD? Who still uses them haha).

Pick the purpliest and of darkest blue kind of fruits you can find. In my case, black grapes and blueberries are the ones hehe. Create a semi-circle and slowly work your way through with lime green all the way to the multi-coloured arc. 

Here are some fruits and veggies I've used in my rainbow arc :

1. Red : cherry tomatoes, Truss tomatoes, red capsicum, strawberries

2. Orange : carrots, orange capsicum, peaches

3. Yellow : yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow capsicum, lemons

4. Lime Green : limes, kiwis, figs, white grapes (but they're actually green)

5. Purple : Black grapes (but close to purple/dark blue colours), blueberries

Feel free to slice some citruses, cherry tomatoes and strawberries. These fruits are absolutely the prettiest when cut into half. Perfect for flatlay!

Pure happiness!

Well, looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous beautiful "Eat in Rainbow" flatlay.


My Sugar House Dreams...

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

The first time I heard of Sugar House Studios, was from my gal pal, Vickie Liu. She just came back from London, and she had all these amazing photos of this pastel dream house. That was when my obsession started (and kind of, never end).

When I finally got to London, in the Spring of 2016, I knew this is what I came for. Haha. Forget about ice creams and Apple Stores, Sugar House was my everything. 

I met a couple of Londoners, and there was this rumour going around that it is going to be taken down. No one knew when and I just had to go!

Surprisingly, not conveniently located in the bustling inner City of London, the Sugar House Studios was a little bit out of the way for a traveller. Hehe. It took about 35 minutes to get to Stratford near the Olympic Park, but you know what, going into an industrial area on a Sunday is kind of... a weird kind of day trip. There was barely anyone.

The weather was dull and grey. It poured at some point. I got lost twice, and some random truck drivers wanted to pick me up to this "other" industrial area. Google Map wasn't helpful. All the men I talked to, had no idea what this pastel dream house I'm obsessing about until one guy at the boom gate did. Yay!

When I got there, it was all worth it. I was the happiest! Surrounded by plain warehouses and industrial buildings, the Sugarhouse Studios stood out like a candy house in Hansel And Gretel. It was everything I dreamt of. I swear, I could even taste the candy flavours of the pastel tiles.

The pastel palette wall made p of concrete tiles, was a delight, upclose. They reminded me of the townhouses in Brussles, where the've 

So, I found out much later it was called a Yardhouse which makes part of the Sugarhouse Studios. Inside the Yardhouse, you'll find a fun and bright creative studio and events space built by Assemble.

I didn't get a chance to visit the space inside but the Sugar House Studios seemed like a fun place to work as a creative and to run workshops and exhibitions. They have indeed relocated to a new postcode (address below). I can't wait to see what Sugar House Studios look like in 2017!



Sugar House Studios
Old Address

107 Stratford High Street, E15 2QQ London

New Address

Building C, Bermondsey Campus, Collett Road
SE16 4DJ London

My Fave Gyptian

Photo Credit : Priscilla Barbosa Photography

Photo Credit : Priscilla Barbosa Photography

I love a good bag, and I found the most gorgeous go-to-bag by Gyptian! Gyptian is a small design label based in Perth, and they make the prettiest bags.  

I'm pretty much obsessed with Gyptian's latest Triangle 2.0. Perfect in size, the Triangle 2.0 is made of smooth matt and grain leather, which I simply love. There is even a hidden/secret slot which could easily fits an iPhone or a card. Love it! More images here, on Gyptian's website.

I got a chance to e-meet the founder + designer, Salma El-Batanouny, based in Perth. Check Gyptian out :)

How did Gyptian started?

I have always had a slight obsession with creating things and was making jewellery and handbags while I was at university. Once I completed my degree in civil engineering I spent 5 years working on construction sites. I would find myself appreciating the beauty in the subtle geometric shapes of the structures we were building and would often wonder how I could implement this in everyday objects that I create. Thats when I officially started Gyptian.  

What was your dream job when you were a kid? 

From as early as I can remember I always wanted to be an astronaut and although that didn’t quite workout I’m very happy on the path I’m on. 

My dream bag in 3 words... 

Structured, unique and Gyptian of course ;)

Current obsession... 

DIY everything, love experimenting with concrete and other materials in my spare time.