Dreaming of Disney x Typo

Talk Disney to me. I love it. As a kid, me and my brother would set up a pretend mini cinema in the lounge room, with all of our stuff toy, for a Disney movie night. It was the best! I remembered we were squealing with excitement as mom put the tape in the player. Yepp, that was the late 80s, guys.

There was a short story of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The ones I would be obsessed about would be the Disney classics, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan. I think at one point, I really wanted some fairy dust, so I could fly away to Never Never Land.

When Typo approached me to style my bedroom into a Mickey Mouse theme, I said yes, right away. It was too much fun. The collection was magic, and they fit right in my bedroom. I even made a Mickey Mouse out of fairy lights.

Have a nice day all.


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