Shangri-La Sydney


I’ve been to a few Shangri-La Hotels, and I have to say, when I returned to Shangri-La Sydney, it was love at first sight all over again.

My favourite part of the hotel, has got to be the million dollar view of the Sydney harbour. As a Sydneysider living about 15 minutes away from the city, I rarely had access to this amazing kind of view.

This is the most beautiful hotel in Sydney, and the views are second to none. Our room is up on Level 33. and all the rooms are spacious and they have a generous double panelled window (for a more spectacular panoramic view of the harbour).

We felt right at home, in our hometown, Sydney. It’s like a mini staycation for us. The staff are friendly and they go out of their way to help you.

We ordered room service for our breakfast. I loved my freshly baked croissant and an Aussie breakfast - the standard bacon, eggs and bangers. Delicious! We could not bear the idea of leaving our bedroom, and wanted to enjoy the stunning view as much as we can. From where we stayed, we could see the Sydney Bridge and the Opera House.

I’ll be sharing another post of my ensuite bedroom with a bathtub view. I was lucky enough to experience the other part of Shangri-La Sydney, and I can’t wait to share it.

It has always been a lovely time and I look forward to returning again.


Shangri-La Hotel Sydney
176 Cumberland St, Sydney NSW 2000