Garden of Sweets


We are one week away from the first week of spring, and The Grounds of Alexandria has already made a fun themed installation for you, Sydneysiders. I decided to explore The Grounds last week, as I wanted to go for a bike ride and check out the hood.

Grounds of Alexandria's latest installation called The Garden of Sweets, is fun, colourful and eye-candy. Inspired by the wild eccentricity of Willy Wonka, it is more Alice in Wonderland-esque.


If you're looking at a quiet time to visit, early mornings are the best time to visit. There won’t be any queues to wait at the cafe, and there won’t be people around for you to take your dream shot :)

Expect to see giant red toadstools and larger-than-life flowers in the garden. If you love reading Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka as a child, you will love the Garden of Sweets.

Enjoy your week all.