A retreat at HOSHINOYA Kyoto

Hoshinoya Kyoto_HELLO MISS MAY

Beautiful HOSHINOYA Kyoto. It was such a lovely retreat. I felt so close to nature, surrounded by the turquoise blue Oigawa River and forest of Arashiyama.

It’s a unique one-of-a-kind experience, not to be missed, if you’re after a luxury ryokan experience in Japan. It’s by far, my favourite, as everything about HOSHINOYA Kyoto is beautifully designed.

Hoshinoya Kyoto_HELLO MISS MAY

The rooms are very minimal, with soft coloured walls matched with tatami and dark timber flooring. Oh, and I’m in love with the state-of-the-art toilet, the lid opens up automatically when it senses me entering the toilet room. Now, that’s impressive!

We have a Hotaru double with a king size bed, lounge room (which doubles up as a dining room in the morning) and a bathroom overlooking the river. It was very peaceful in the morning, with birds tweeting. Occasionally, the operating tourist train from the opposite side will come around for a quick stop to look over the resort.


There’s a short walk you can do around the resort. It’s very pretty at night as well. It feels like you’re in a 19th century village, as the lanterns are all lit up.

There’s a sake bar and a fine dining experience, which I truly enjoyed. My brother and I had a feast of the Autumn Degustation. It was an 8-course meal, and I can tell you that by the end of the meal, we were so full, we had to make room for dessert. The chef has prepared the dishes according to the availability of ingredients at the local market. As it’s autumn season, there’s a wide variety of mushrooms to be had (which I loved!).

I had a wonderful time staying at HOSHINOYA Kyoto. It’s not everyday I get to stay in a beautiful luxury retreat like this, and am truly grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you HOSHINOYA Resorts for hosting me.

Japan, 〒616-0007 Kyoto Prefecture, 京都市西京区嵐山元録山町11−2

Minimalist Perfection at HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Hoshinoya Tokyo_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG

HOSHINOYA Tokyo brings me joy. Located in the heart of Tokyo, it was a beautifully curated ryokan. Modern and sophisticated interior. Think of a minimal place to be, with ample of space and well placed and chosen furniture. I love the natural feel of it. Everything was well thought out, from the placement of the tatami mats to the hidden television (you’ll have to find out when you get here).

We had the 14th floor room, it had a onset bath and a lounge room. More space than we ever need. We checked in at night :) I’m in love with the cushions and ceramic ware! 

The next morning we were treated to a delicious Japanese breakfast (there is also a western option for those craving bacon and eggs). Beautifully presented, a flatlay perfection. There were a range of little breakkie treats to try from miso soup to sesame pudding. We were spoilt for choice!

And don’t forget to check out the onsen at the very top floor. It was a surprise and delight. The hot spring is split into two, for men and women. I thoroughly enjoyed the full view on the sky in one part of the hot spring baths.

Hoshinoya Tokyo Interior_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG

Have you ever tried classic Japanese and French cuisine? We were treated to a beautiful 8 course “Nippon Cuisine” at HOSHINOYA Tokyo. The dishes were designed by Chef Noriyuki Hamada.

It was a delight as each dish were almost of miniature size, full of flavour and made with beautiful ingredients. My favourite (too many to choose from) has got to be the Five Flavours of Delight and the miniature savoury cake called Apple dish.

As much as the dishes were in small portion, it was the right amount, as by the end of the 8th dish, we were very full.

Thank you again for a wonderful time.

Hoshinoya Tokyo_Dinner_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG
Japan, 〒100-0004 Tokyo, 千代田区大手町1丁目9−1

OMO5, You Cool.

OMO 5 Tokyo_Hoshinoya_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan.JPG

Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is located in a cute part of town called Otsuka, or shall I say, part of Metropolitan Tokyo. Let’s get real, Tokyo is huge! The city alone has a population of 20million people, it makes Australia’s population, tiny in comparison.

I love Otsuka. There were streets filled with little Japanese restaurants and bars. It’s low key and local.

I’m loving the loft style bedroom at OMO5. Small and compact, it’s perfect for my city dream kind of dwelling. The beds appear at the top bunk, with a lounge area at the bottom. It’s a very clever and minimal design. I kept telling the staff, if I have a studio apartment, this would be the inspiration!

The guest rooms are designed in the style of traditional Japanese wooden tower called yagura. The smell of cypress wood and tatami mats, always bring me fond memories of Japan.

OMO 5 Tokyo_Hoshinoya_HELLO MISS MAY in Japan .JPG

OMO5 Cafe was a treat. There were ample of seating area to choose from, we picked one with the Otsuka view. You have got to try their signature morning pastry, vol-au-vents. I’ve got avocado topping for mine.

This is a cool and modern apartment style living, for those who are looking for a different hotel experience. I love OMO5, and I hope to return again.


Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka 
2 Chome-26番地1号 Kitaotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0004, Japan

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels is a modern Art Deco hotel that includes a stunning atrium, a glass dome and did I mentioned, a river running through the hotel. It is designed by a well renowned architect, Michel Jaspers, whose concept is all about marrying the old and new, in this case, he used an original 12th century wall.

Located in the heart of Brussels, Radisson Blu Royal is literaly around the corner from the old city. Minutes walk to the De Brouckere metro station and La Monnaie De Munt opera house.

Beautiful interior of Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels. 

Beautiful interior of Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels. 


The breakfast buffet was delicious with a variety of fruits, muesli, cheese, patisserie and cereals to choose from. The highlight was the waffles... They were yum! And there were little cute milk bottles for soy milk lovers too. 

My favourite part of Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels has got to me the beautiful interior of the rooms. It's really classy and modern. The bathroom is to-die-for. All decked in faux marble, it's the a selfie's dream come true, hehe. The modern furniture and artwork compliment one another extremely well. And did I mentioned they have the best hotel pillows and doona? it was so soft to sleep on, I could't believe it's the best I ever slept on!

Looking forward to returning to Brussels again. Have a wonderful week guys!


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels 
Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

Fun roof top at Ruby Marie Hotel in Vienna. Photo by May Leong.

Fun roof top at Ruby Marie Hotel in Vienna. Photo by May Leong.

It was a pleasure staying at Ruby Marie Hotel in Vienna. With U-bahn just minutes away, it's a nice place to stay, for holiday makers. A former Stafa department store, Ruby Marie Hotel is right at the corner of Vienna's popular shopping street, Mariahilfer Straße.

My mister, Leon Korobacz chilling out on the roof top garden. 

My mister, Leon Korobacz chilling out on the roof top garden. 

This boutique hotel is original and fun. It has got the cutest rooftop bar, furnished with colorful deck chairs and potted plants. It was an unforgettable experience, chilling out on the rooftop and dreaming of far off places.

There's a little something for everyone here at Ruby Marie Hotel. My husband, Leon (of @hungrysydneysiders), loves playing guitar, every now and then. When we found out the rooms at Ruby Marie have amplifiers and guitars (you could just rent for free), it was too much fun! We had a little session in our loft room just playing Bob Dylan's classics.

Loving the retro common rooms at Ruby Marie Hotel. Photo by May Leong.

Loving the retro common rooms at Ruby Marie Hotel. Photo by May Leong.

We had the loft room, right on the top floor, with a wonderful terrace view of Vienna's cityscape - from Kahlenberg to the Gloriette in Schönbrunn. The bright, spacious rooms are chic and modern. Think of soft pillows, ultralarge blankets and an extremely comfortable bed.


And talking about food, we are loving the breakfast buffet at Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna. It is excellent! The fact they use beautiful, fresh and organic produce is a bonus! We couldn't have asked for a lovely stay in Vienna. 

Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna 
Kaiserstraße 2-4, 1070 Wien, Austria

Our Stay at Lilla Roberts, Helsinki

Delicious Finnish breakfast at Hotel Lilla Roberts

Delicious Finnish breakfast at Hotel Lilla Roberts

It was our first time in Finland, as we have never been to Scandinavia before. We were invited to stay at Lilla Roberts in Helsinki. It was a former 20th century power plant converted into a stylish hotel. Just a few minutes walk into the heart of Helsinki.

The rooms are chic, with comfortable beds. We are loving the doona covers (they come in two, his and hers). Plush sitting area with high ceilings and windows.


Breakfast buffet at Lilla Roberts is a traditional Finnish breakfast filled with smoked salmon, rye bread, quiche, cakes and biscuits. The Scandinavian restaurant is cosy, with indoor plants and floor-to-ceiling windows.



Hotel Lilla Roberts, Roobertinkatu 1-3, 00130 Helsinki

Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

Honestly, the best roof top pool view of Barcelona. I could stay up here all day. Photo by Leon Korobacz of @hungrysydneysiders.

Honestly, the best roof top pool view of Barcelona. I could stay up here all day. Photo by Leon Korobacz of @hungrysydneysiders.

Grand Hotel Central is located in the heart of Gothic Quarter, Barcelona. It was so central and it is certainly grand. This, I must say, the best roof top pool in Spain! I kid you not. You have to see it to believe it.

I spent every morning and evening up on the rooftop pf Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona. The reflection on the infinity pool is unreal, especially when the sky is clear. The bar is opened to the public till early morning for those who'd love a drink or two while looking over at the cityscape.

We had the best time ever at Grand Hotel Central. Wish we could stay here longer! 

We had the best time ever at Grand Hotel Central. Wish we could stay here longer! 

Our king size bed was the comfiest, with soft pillows and comfortable doona to keep us warm at night. The window in our room actually opens up to the view of Barcelona's famous Gothic Quarter. Popped a little further to the right, and you'll see the Roman walls and the tip of Cathedral of Barcelona. 

Our favourite has got to be breakfast in bed. It was so easy to tick off anything we wanted from the breakfast menu. When our big breakfast arrived early in the morning, we couldn't wait to eat them on the rooftop. It was all peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below us.

Thank you for such a wonderful time, Grand Hotel Central! Everyone there was so nice, friendly and genuinely helpful, we really had a good time. We felt very much welcome and it feels like a one, big family here at Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona. I'd highly recommended it if you're ever in Barcelona, this is the place to stay :)



Our comfy King size bed with the view of Gothic Quarter. 

Our comfy King size bed with the view of Gothic Quarter. 


Grand Hotel Central 
Via Laietana 30, 08003 Barcelona, Spain