Celsius Coffee Co

 Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

I am in love with this place! Celsius Coffee Co is not just your regular cafe. It's a cafe with a postcode envy and a killer Sydney harbour view!

So, me and my friends popped by Celsius Coffee Co for brunch on a lovely Thursday afternoon. We decided to all go vegan (our friend, Brad, is vegan, hehe).

And my oh my, they're all delicious. We ordered the Super Greens Breakfast without poached eggs. It comes with sauteed kale and asparagus, with lime avocado spread on a generous slice of sourdough bread.

I am a chia pudding fan and I had to try their Coconut Milk Chia Pudding served in a glass. It was beautifully layered with granola, berry puree and fresh strawberries and blueberries.

If you're a sweet tooth, you gotta try the Celsius Waffles. It is served with berries and topped with toasted nuts and peanut butter cream. And the maple syrup is to-die-for!

I have to say, this is the prettiest outdoor/indoors kind of cafe in all of Sydney, with the loveliest view of the harbour! It is a cute little spot, with limited seating available, and that makes it extra special to be here at Celsius Coffee Co. I love the idea of brunching so close to the water. So calming. I feel like I'm on a holiday!

You can get here via ferry to Kirribilli Wharf (the cafe is right on the jetty). Driving is another option. Celsius Coffee Co is a stone's throw away from the Prime Minister's house (why not pop over, hehe) and drive a little bit further, you'll find yourself right underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Celsius Coffee Co

Kirribilli Wharf, 1/2 Holbrook Ave, Kirribilli NSW 2061

My Mini Moment

 Enjoying our delicious Cinnamon Mini Scrolls at home. Photo Credit : May Leong

Enjoying our delicious Cinnamon Mini Scrolls at home. Photo Credit : May Leong

Baby, it's cold out here. When it's wintry days in Sydney, I'm in need of something warm and delicious. Over the weekend, I decided to throw a self-party at home with my partner in-crime, Leon Korobacz, of @hungrysydneysiders and a few of our friends.

Having my mini moments with Baker's Delight 'Cinnamon Mini Rolls' are the best ever, paired with decadent home made hot chocolate.

The yummy sticky cinnamon scrolls are crafted by hand, with layers thinner than typical scrolls, jampacked with spicy cinnamon flavours. I'm in heaven! The mini scrolls are topped with a dollop of whipped Cream Cheese of Choc Cream Cheese for that extra umph.

I must say, my "Mini Cinni Moment" are my kind of afternoon snack in winter!

Stay warm, folks (for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, ahah!)






Dark Matters at White Rabbit Gallery

 The Dark Matters exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery. Photo Credit : May Leong

The Dark Matters exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery. Photo Credit : May Leong

Now, we were just in Chippendale for a good cheese burger. Then, Leon (of @hungrysydneysiders) then just realized, we were just a stroll away from Sydney's well known art gallery, White Rabbit.

Founded by Kerr and Judith Neilson, White Rabbit is open to public and it is one of the world's largest collections of contemporary Chinese art.

With new collection every couple of months, this time around we have the new collection called "The Dark Matters".

It was indeed a less colourful version compared the previous installations. But, in saying that, I love the simplicity of "The Dark Matters".

Inspired from the traditional Chinese method of using the black ink. According to a Daoist philosopher named Lao Zi, he said, "Know the white, but hold to the black."

The artists in this collection use blacks from cans, plastics, steels and cartridges. Conveying messages of today's realities - world pollution and mass production.

We were greeted by a huge black cloud made of paper, painted in grey ink. New York based artist, Lin Yan, created the nebulous cloud titled 'Sky 2' to express her concern of Beijing's serious air pollution.

My favourite piece is definitely 'Crystal City' by Wu Chi-Tsung. From afar, you wouldn't realized he used cheap plastic boxes as a medium. It's a beautiful piece. Under the moving light, Chi-Tsung created a phantom cityscape that is ever changing.

White Rabbit Gallery is opened until July 30th. Check it out before it closes for the next installation :)


White Rabbit Gallery

30 Balfour St, Chippendale NSW 2008

Best View of Sydney Harbour, Shangri-La Sydney

 Soaking up the Sydney Harbour view with Miss May. Photo Credit : Priscilla Barbosa

Soaking up the Sydney Harbour view with Miss May. Photo Credit : Priscilla Barbosa

Look no further, if you're looking for the best view of Sydney Harbour from The Rocks. I found the best place in town, and it's at Shangri-La Sydney.

I am so in love with the view overlooking The Rocks below. Everything looked quaint from above, and it kind of reminds me of Brooklyn in NYC.

The Sydney Harbour is always busy. One will see big cruise ships and ferries arriving and departing from the terminal. And I must admit that I'll never get bored watching the hundreds of cars driving over Sydney Harbour Bridge (because that was what I did the whole night). Look a little bit to the right, one will have the view of the Opera House sitting pretty on Bennelong Point.

 Goofing around with my girl pal, Priscilla Barbosa xom

Goofing around with my girl pal, Priscilla Barbosa xom

A little bit on behind the scenes. I spent the evening shooting with my girlfriend, Priscilla Barbosa who takes the prettiest photos in town! I adore her, and you guys should check her beautiful wedding photography in Sydney and Disneyland in Orlando.

Sometimes, we never knew what we're going to shoot, but we just went along and try new things out. There will always fairy lights to play with.

Have a fab week everyone! Thanks for popping by to check out this awesome view of Shangri-La Sydney!

By far, my favourite and most memorable moment in this city. This place reminds me that I am part of the city of Sydney and I've never ever felt so connected before. It is definitely something I should never take for granted. I feel so lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!




Vivid Night Out at Blu Bar on 36

 View from my hotel room at Shangri-La Sydney and the Blu Bar on 36. Photo Credit : May Leong

View from my hotel room at Shangri-La Sydney and the Blu Bar on 36. Photo Credit : May Leong

Blu Bar on 36, as I typed this, I was wondering why the number 36? And then, I realized, this gorgeous Blu Bar at Shangri-La Sydney sits on the level 36. Hence the name.

Beautiful venue to chill with friends. I was staying for the night at Shangri-La Sydney and managed to get together with my bestie.

As we had our drinks and snacks, we enjoyed the stunning view of Sydney Harbour. It was just surreal to be up here at Blue Bar with Sydneysiders. And when Vivid Festival of light kicked in at 6pm, all the cameras and iPhones in the bar was out. There were dozens of snaps in the first minute of the iconic Opera House!

We had to try the Vivid Cocktail, which matches the vibrant views of Vivid. A one of a kind, colourful cocktail creation by Blu Bar's world class mixologists. The fruity concoction, made from a selection of Veuve Cliquot and Belvedere Vodka, was just delicious. The most fun, has got to be the LED lit ice cubes in the cocktails. Just like Vivid :)

A fantastic night at Shangri-La Sydney. I highly recommend checking Blu Bar on 36 out with friends and that special someone. A really cool hang (and what an amazing view of Sydney harbour).

Have a great week all!



 Bar food at Blu Bar on 36. Photo Credit : May Leong

Bar food at Blu Bar on 36. Photo Credit : May Leong


Blu Bar on 36

Level 36, Shangri-La Hotel, 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

Dinner At Buvette Bistro & WINE Bar

Dinner At Buvette Bistro And Bar_Hotel Realm Canberra_Doma_Australia_Hello Miss May.jpg

During our stay at Little National Hotel in Canberra, we popped over Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar. It's official, Buvette my favourite, probably the best French restaurant in ACT!

We started off with a very fruity afternoon cocktails and nibbles. It was a 'Friday Soiree' and head over for a dinner for two.

For starters, we had the tasty Tuna Niçoise. Spiced yellow fin tuna served with potatoes, soft quail egg and marinated anchovies. It was a colourful dish, a feast for the eyes, garnished with olives, tomatoes and green beans.

We are loving the Bouillabaisse, a classic French seafood dish from Marseilles. Today, it is no longer considered a poor fisherman's soup. Buvette's Bouillabaisse is cooked to perfection. Generous serve of king prawn, squid and mussels. Soak up all the delicious sauce with the toasted sourdough that come with.

The Grilled Scotch Fillet is to-die-for. Generous portion of the well cooked steak, served with pommes frites and fresh salad. The consistency of green pepper sauce and red wine jus are well balanced and full of flavour.

For side dishes, we had to try the Kale & Herb Salad drizzled in blood orange dressing. You gotta love anything kale! The healthy salad dish was refreshing, filled with all kinds of goodness - toasted almonds, green beans and pumpkin seeds.

We couldn't say no to Buvette's dessert, although at this point, we were very full. The waiter recommended Baked Apple Crumble and Cardamom Floating Island. Both the desserts are deconstructed. It was a work of art. The Cardamom Floating Island looked amazing with a spherical meringue floating on poached pineapple. The Baked Apple Crumble was served with rhubarb and muscat ice cream. So yummy, needless to say, we polished off the plates.

Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar serves beautiful French cuisine and we are loving it! The staff are lovely and very helpful. We had a wonderful fine dining experience. All in all, great food and ambience. Looking forward to be back!




Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar
18 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600



My Cute little stay at Little National Hotel


My Instahubby, Leon Korobacz (of @hungrysydneysiders) and I decided to head over to Canberra for a weekend, of autumn kind of love and spending time wandering around the galleries.

Just a 3 1/2 hours drive away from Sydney, Little National Hotel in Canberra makes a nice getaway.

 View from our Little National bed. Photo Credit : May Leong

View from our Little National bed. Photo Credit : May Leong

Super easy to check-in, we arrived in our compact room with everything you need, from a Nespresso machine to automatic block out blinds (which I'm obsessed about).

We stayed in the coziest room with a view of the Parliament House. I'm a fan of the wall-to-wall King size bed. It felt like a sanctuary at night, lying on the fluffiest of pillows, reading a book before bedtime.

And did I mentioned delicious breakfast at Buvette Bistro & Bar? It was divine. The bacon and eggs were cooked to to perfection. I'm loving the sauteed spinach and mushrooms. Now, if you're a fan of baguettes, look no further. This Parisian feel restaurant, Buvette Bistro & Bar's baguettes are actually French (delivered frozen all the way from France)!


If you're here for a conference or meeting, Little National is perfect for you as it's within the CBD area. For the holiday makers down for the weekend, the galleries and shopping malls are minutes drive away. All in all, Little National is one of my favourite stay in Australia.



Little National Hotel

21 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600