Hello The Makers and Shakers : Emma + Lee

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I am super duper excited to be part of The Makers and Shakers Canberra this June. It is a one day art and design market, so, if you're in town, pop in to say hello. 

The Makers and Shakers Canberra
Albert Hall, 100 Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla, ACT 2601
23rd June 2018

Here, I'm excited to share an interview of Emma Morris + Lee Glezos. How it all happened. What inspired them most. Their cute dog with a super cute name. These guys are so funny together. I always tell Emma she should do a talk show or a podcast (anything, so I can tune in hehe)

Read all about it below!



1. Tell us a little bit of yourself. And how did you meet Lee? 

Emma: It was in 2005 so before dating apps and social media. That means we met the old school way - at Bar Open on Brunswick St in Fitzroy (in Melbourne). But I approached Lee because I had seen him at the State Library for months (and we both used it as our office and I learnt that we were both studying for our Honours). 

Lee: I agree with that story. I’d also add that 2005 really was a unique time to start a relationship. Melbourne was changing rapidly with things like the start of speciality coffee and small bar scene, there was tonnes of exciting energy coming from new-beginnings and change when we first got together.


Meet the founders. Image via themakersandshakers.com

Meet the founders. Image via themakersandshakers.com

2. We know you have cute dog named McNulty. 

Emma: McNulty - he is very cute but he's a Jack Russell so very opinionated about how the world works (and at 13, very set in his ways). His latest obsession is carrots. He can't get enough of carrots. 


Lee: I love that dog. When we adopted him, we did a six week 'basic manners course', where he learned things like how to sit on command, come when called, and not bark at people that came to the front door. Each week he was top of the class, but at home he flatly refused to do anything he'd leaned in class. He was making conscious choices to disobey all of our commands! In the end we just let him be free range. He sometimes likes to cuddle up on the couch, but often he's off doing his own thing.

Makers Shakers Canberra.jpg
Emma Morris in super cute vintage outfit at Round She Goes. Image via Round She Goes.

Emma Morris in super cute vintage outfit at Round She Goes. Image via Round She Goes.

3. How did the Makers and Shakers all started?

Emma: For ten years I have run a market for women's preloved fashion called Round She Goes. Around three years ago, I noticed I was often approached by makers of things other than fashion and I realised there was a need to innovate another market just for independent makers. I enlisted Lee as my sidekick to create The Makers and Shakers Market.

Our goal was to create a mid-sized event, curating Australia's best upcoming and established makers of homewares and food, but offering participation at a fair price point.

Lee: We love to create events that we ourselves would like to attend. We had met a bunch of indie makers through Round She Goes, and developed the idea that there was a need for a market that held concepts like ‘meet the maker’ and ‘locally-made’ as its core principle. We wanted the event to be more than just exchanging money for goods. We wanted the public to feel they had licence to connect with makers, and come away from the event with a general appreciation for handmade goods.


The Makers and Shakers always draw a huge crowd. Image via themakersandshakers.com

The Makers and Shakers always draw a huge crowd. Image via themakersandshakers.com

3. The funniest thing that ever happened at the market

Emma: I'm a CRAZY Real Housewives fan (of all the cities) and probably the funnest rather than funniest is that Athena X from the Sydney franchise was a regular at our Sydney Round She Goes market and I had no idea. I loved her on the show. I Insta messaged her to tell her that I think she'd like this event as she is a fan of vintage clothing. She said, "I know darling, I already attend!" I've since met her there a couple of times (photo op!) and she is a regular shopper. She has excellent taste! 

Stalls at Makers and Shakers. Image via themakersandshakers.com

Stalls at Makers and Shakers. Image via themakersandshakers.com


4. Advice for makers out there. 

Emma: Excellent photography is a game-changer for attracting the right customers and getting accepted to markets. It's worth the investment to get professional shots taken. 

Lee: In terms of applying to The Makers & Shakers, being descriptive about how and why you make is really important to us. We receive such a large number of applications and we read all of them carefully. We preference locally-made and small-scale, so it's important to highlight these things, or list the sustainable/ethical dimensions of your product (e.g using local printers for stationary, using organic or fair trade ingredients in beauty products, etc.)  

Flowers at the Makers and Shakers. Image via themakersandshakers.com

Flowers at the Makers and Shakers. Image via themakersandshakers.com


5. My dream job when I was a kid…

Emma: I think I wanted to be a writer. English was my favourite subject and I was the BIGGEST book worm growing up. I ended up working in book publishing for most of my pre-market career, so I came pretty close. 

Lee: When I was 3 or 4 I wanted to be a waiter. Around that time I went to a relatives wedding and my mum bought me a black suit with a peacock green silk Pierre Cardin shirt. In the months following the wedding, I'd put the suit on around dinnertime and take drink orders from my family at the dinner table. Over the years, other interests took over and my dream of being a waiter went unfulfilled.    


6. If you + lee were superheroes, what would you guys be?

Emma: She-Ra Princess of Power. She had excellent 80s leotards/fashion sense and is The Most Powerful Woman In the Universe. Sounds pretty good to me! 

Lee: Monkey Magic was my favorite TV show growing up. Monkey was such a cheeky and lovable character. I was forever being told off by my grandmother as a kid, because I’d detach the sweeper bit from her broom, and spend hours in the backyard twirling the pole around and doing kung fu moves. I'd stand in the same spot for hours pretending to be riding the magic cloud.

Flatlay days of my favourite things. Image via May Leong.

Flatlay days of my favourite things. Image via May Leong.


Spice Things Up At Magic Mountain Saloon

Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz

When I first heard of Magic Mountain Saloon in Melbourne, I was dying to find out what it was all about. In my head, I was thinking of a magical barber saloon with fairies inspired barbers and of course, it was all just my imagination (and a crazy one too, ahah).

Leon Korobacz (@hungrysydneysiders) and I arrived at Magic Mountain in Melbourne CBD. They're opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tucked in the corner of Little Collin Street, you couldn't miss the pink neon lighting of Magic Mountain logo.

For starters, we were greeted with Green Prawns and Cured Kingfish, served with minty flavoured green chilli sauce. It was the sashimi dream come true, Thai style. The Garlic Chive Dumplings was juicy with tasty fillings. All served with this insanely spicy (in a very good way) seasoning.

My favourite has got to be Curried Chicken Rendang with Smoked Mozzarella Roti. It was the bomb! Served with a cute pair of scissors, the Malaysian style flatbread was full of flavour.

If you love the street food of South East Asia, this Thai and Chinese inspired dish called Fat Rice Noodles, stir fried with Peking Duck and peppercorn is to-die-for. It was oily and spicy, packed with flavours.

Leon is a huge fan of Magic's Grass Fed Eye Fillet. From the Grill section of the menu, the perfectly cooked fillet was rolled with Cured Pork Belly, seasoned with shallots, mushrooms & chilli soy sauce.  

Magic Mountain Saloon definitely did not disappoint. A funky Melbourne boutique bar that makes good food. It was real Thai street food with an Australian twist, and Magic Mountain doesn't compromise the spicy elements. It was spicy that I drank heaps of water but it was well worth it (hehe)!

Thank you for such an awesome experience! A great ambience to hang and chill with friends after work or over the weekend for brunch. Make reservations ahead for dinner, as Magic can get pretty busy at night.

Magic Mountain
62 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz


Meet Hello Miss May

Photo Credit : Olive Tree Market

Photo Credit : Olive Tree Market

Here's to 2017! Kicking off with Olive Tree Market.

Come find me and my Hello Miss May Store at these fun design markets. I'll be selling my cute wares with other designers + makers.

Here are the list


Olive Tree NEWCASTLE Market//  SAT 4th Feb Civic Park, Newcastle, NSW 2300

Over 150 creative minds gather at this monthly market in Newcastle. Live music and good food. Details here.


Olive Tree NEWCASTLE Market//  SAT 4th March Civic Park, Newcastle, NSW 2300


The Makers + Shakers MELBOURNE Market//  SUN 30th April Coburg Townhall, 90 Bell Street, Coburg VIC 3058

With over 60 designer and maker stalls selling their cute wares. Link here.


Markit Market//  SUN 7th May 

Atrium and Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Find 86 designers and 6 food icons at Fed Square this May. More about Markit here.

Finders Keepers SYDNEY Market//  FRI - SUN 12th-14th May 

The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve, 1 Merriman St, Barangaroo NSW 2000

Featuring over 200 independent designers from all over Australia. Link here.


The Big Design Market SYDNEY Market//  FRI - SUN 24-26th November

ROYAL HALL OF INDUSTRIES Errol Flynn Blvd, Moore Park (next to the Hordern Pavilion)

Get all your Christmas shopping done in one place! With over 200 designers to choose from. Visit site here.


The Big Design Market MELBOURNE Market //  FRI - SUN 1-3rd December 

Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC

Join us for 3 days of Christmas shopping with 230 stallholders. Find out how to get there.

Finders Keepers SYDNEY Market//  FRI - SUN 8-10th December 

The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve, 1 Merriman St, Barangaroo NSW 2000

Featuring over 200 independent designers from all over Australia. Link here.

Markit Market//  SUN 17th Dec

Atrium and Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Find 86 designers and 6 food icons at Fed Square this May. More about Markit here.



Brunch Haven at Middletown

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Middletown was brunch haven. We met up with my Melbourne friend, Vickie Liu (check out her fabulous Instagram @vickiee_yo) one weekend at Pahran's New Kid On The Block.

We started off with beautifully brewed matcha latte and Coffee Waffles. It was the prettiest plated waffle in Melbourne. Topped with strawberries and  truffle ice cream, sprinkled with edible flowers and micro herbs, the Coffee Waffle was just yum.

Next stop, gotta try the Trio Mushrooms as I'm a HUGE fan of anything mushrooms. Served on home made celeriac puree with crispy pancetta, poached eggs, pecorino cheese and brioche soldiers

Lamb Neck was something you have to try when in Melbourne. This dish looked simple but it exceeded our expectations. Tender meat served with pickled beetroots, heirloom baby carrots and sweet potato, topped with smoked yoghurt.

Wagyu Brisket On House Brioche was a delight. I particularly am in love with the crispy chard (it's like a yummy veggie crisp). The wagyu was served on toasted brioche, with a generous serve of mustard aioli, fruit relish and salad. Just divine.

Now, this one I'm super excited with. Quinoa Salad is a very pretty (and mouth-watering) salad dish. It's got all the nutrition you need - stone fruit gel, halloumi cheese, fennel tops, radish, pickled and roasted cauliflowers. 

We will be coming back to Middletown for sure. Loving their all-day breakfast and lunch, with beautiful mod interior, it is a perfect place to hang out with family and friends. 

229 High Street Prahran
Victoria 3181

Open 7:00 — 16:00 weekdays, 8:00 — 16:00 weekends.

Darling Cafe


Photo Credit : Leong Korobacz + May Leong

This place is such a darling. Tucked in a quiet street in South Yarra, I was greeted by the lovely staff at Darling Cafe. Everyone is so chirpy and I love the atmosphere in here. And don't get me going with the marble tiles, it is every Instagrammer's dream come true! 

The Red and Green Super Smoothies are to-die-for. Packed with fresh fruits and yoghurt goodness, topped with the acai, desiccated coconut, goji berries and beautifully sliced green apple, the smoothies make a meal on their own. Delicious!

I love the Asian fusion menu at Darling Cafe especially the Red Curry Prawns on Warm Polenta Cake. The red curry sauce was so good, I finished the plate clean with my broccolini. Hehe.

We had cravings for Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken so we ordered one up. The dish was stir fried in fresh vegetables and egg with sugar snaps and roasted peanuts served on the side. It was yum.

Zucchini and Corn Fritters was recommended by one of the friendly staff. I was in love with what's underneath the corn fritters - smashed pumpkin gorgonzola topped with sorrel. The pear chutney was delightful.

Leaving Darling Cafe, extremely full and happy, I can't wait to come back when I'm back in Melbourne!

Stay fab all.



2 Darling St, South Yarra VIC 3141

High Society, You Had Me At Hello

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz 

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz 

High Society can do no wrong. It's easily the prettiest place (and mind I say, the best flatlay place) to be. The eye-popping colours featured in the dishes, just made my day. Anytime.

Now, let's talk about what my #InstagramHusband and I ate, hehe.

We had the delightful Chia Pudding. Love at first bite. The salty coconut sabayon with fresh berries, orange and cacao crumble is to-die-for. I couldn't stop eating the Chia Pudding. Easily my favourite dish in Melbourne. As I'm typing this out, my mouth is salivating, thinking about the sweet High Society memories.

I love my muesli and I cannot lie. High Society's  Coconut, Chia and Mixed Seeds Bircher is delicious. Served with eye-popping dragon fruit yoghurt, it's an Instagrammer's dream come true - too pretty to eat and perfect to flatlay! The bircher is so fruity and yummy.

Now, this got to top the All Day Breakfast menu. The title, Super-Salad itself got me super excited. This healthy dish is filled with brocolli, sweet potato and kale goodness, served with two perfectly poached eggs. Sprinkled with almond dukkah with a generous serving of tahini yoghurt and pesto, 

We had Seared and Crispy Skin Ocean Trout, cooked to perfection. The eggplant purée compliments the fish and it was perfect with a squeeze of citrus and lime. 

High Society Cafe is by far the most memorable. Not only was it pretty, it was really tasty too! I couldn't ask for a better brunch experience. Thank you, Joerge, for having me + #instagramhusband. I can't wait to be back again!


1102 High St, Armadale VIC 3143

Hello. It's Operator 25 :)


Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Operator 25 has the cutest interior in Melbourne town! Literally, the cutest. 

I'm so in love with the retro style artworks on display at Operator 25 especially "Call Me Maybe" as it's one of my favourite song by Carly Rae Jepsen. 

Now, let's get into brunch mode.

The Match Almond Hotcakes is to-die-for. Scrumptious green matcha hotcakes served with grilled pear, sprinkled with macadamia, dark chocolate and freeze dried berry. The beautiful dark red berry sauce is just divine.

I'm a fan of the dish, Cured Kingfish. It comes with coconut crumbed prawn on sushi rice with all the pretty garnish you'll find in a sushi. But, only, this time, it is deconstructed. 

Now, onto the BBQ Pork Benedict. Playful dish with succulent pulled pork served with perfectly poached eggs. The crunchy wonton skin and soft English muffin, together with coriander hollandaise sauce, is just wow.

Operator 25 is a fun and playful place to be. Perfect hang with family and friends for brunch. Once upon a time, it was a telephone exchange building. I love retro things and I cannot lie. And I love it ever more when it is done right. You got to pop by if you're ever in Melbourne!


25 Wills St. Melbourne, VIC 3000