I have always wanted to see Hobbiton. And it finally happened last year, when I explored New Zealand for the very first time. It was everything a Lord of the Rings fan would love. Matamata, where this site is located, is a small agricultural town just a two hour drive from Auckland.

The best time to visit, is spring, of course, when the flowers are in full bloom. There is also vegetable patches everywhere (although it is not for the guest to consume). What I love most of it all, was the beautiful surrounding of the rolling hills and lake, with birds chirping everywhere we go. I swear, I could almost see a Hobbit in one of the round windows.

The tour takes about 1-2 hours to complete. And will end at the well known Green Dragon Inn, where you get to try out some yummy pies and ginger beer. Delicious indeed.

Fun fact, The Shire is a village of 44 hobbit holes. Here, you will find many adorable round doors, in all sorts of different colours and sizes. Bilbo Baggin’s home is the grandest of them all.


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