My Mini Moment

Enjoying our delicious Cinnamon Mini Scrolls at home. Photo Credit : May Leong

Enjoying our delicious Cinnamon Mini Scrolls at home. Photo Credit : May Leong

Baby, it's cold out here. When it's wintry days in Sydney, I'm in need of something warm and delicious. Over the weekend, I decided to throw a self-party at home with my partner in-crime, Leon Korobacz, of @hungrysydneysiders and a few of our friends.

Having my mini moments with Baker's Delight 'Cinnamon Mini Rolls' are the best ever, paired with decadent home made hot chocolate.

The yummy sticky cinnamon scrolls are crafted by hand, with layers thinner than typical scrolls, jampacked with spicy cinnamon flavours. I'm in heaven! The mini scrolls are topped with a dollop of whipped Cream Cheese of Choc Cream Cheese for that extra umph.

I must say, my "Mini Cinni Moment" are my kind of afternoon snack in winter!

Stay warm, folks (for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, ahah!)






Spice Things Up At Magic Mountain Saloon

Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz

When I first heard of Magic Mountain Saloon in Melbourne, I was dying to find out what it was all about. In my head, I was thinking of a magical barber saloon with fairies inspired barbers and of course, it was all just my imagination (and a crazy one too, ahah).

Leon Korobacz (@hungrysydneysiders) and I arrived at Magic Mountain in Melbourne CBD. They're opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tucked in the corner of Little Collin Street, you couldn't miss the pink neon lighting of Magic Mountain logo.

For starters, we were greeted with Green Prawns and Cured Kingfish, served with minty flavoured green chilli sauce. It was the sashimi dream come true, Thai style. The Garlic Chive Dumplings was juicy with tasty fillings. All served with this insanely spicy (in a very good way) seasoning.

My favourite has got to be Curried Chicken Rendang with Smoked Mozzarella Roti. It was the bomb! Served with a cute pair of scissors, the Malaysian style flatbread was full of flavour.

If you love the street food of South East Asia, this Thai and Chinese inspired dish called Fat Rice Noodles, stir fried with Peking Duck and peppercorn is to-die-for. It was oily and spicy, packed with flavours.

Leon is a huge fan of Magic's Grass Fed Eye Fillet. From the Grill section of the menu, the perfectly cooked fillet was rolled with Cured Pork Belly, seasoned with shallots, mushrooms & chilli soy sauce.  

Magic Mountain Saloon definitely did not disappoint. A funky Melbourne boutique bar that makes good food. It was real Thai street food with an Australian twist, and Magic Mountain doesn't compromise the spicy elements. It was spicy that I drank heaps of water but it was well worth it (hehe)!

Thank you for such an awesome experience! A great ambience to hang and chill with friends after work or over the weekend for brunch. Make reservations ahead for dinner, as Magic can get pretty busy at night.

Magic Mountain
62 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : May Leong and Leon Korobacz


Ombre Smoothies So Pretty


This is my go-to smoothies every other week. It's really easy to make. It's green and refreshing. Whenever I get bored silly with plain greek yoghurts, I quickly raided my fridge for fruits and vegetables to make a yummy smoothie.

It's handy to have a blender to make this magical green smoothie. And a mix of fresh and frozen ingredients. Takes minutes to blend them up. Truly!

INGREDIENTS (Recipe serves 2-4, depending on the size of bottle or glass)

2 tablespoons full of greek yoghurt (or any yoghurt you fancy). When I meant full, like a ginormous mountain made of yoghurt.

1 cup of sliced or diced frozen mango*

3/4 cup almond milk**

a dash of coconut water to taste

1 - 1 1/2 cup of loose spinach leaves (do not compress them)

*If you have fresh ones, by all means, use them! I would use 2 fresh mangoes and remove the pip.

**any milk of your choice

OPTIONAL : add  1/4 cup of vanilla custard if you feel like a milkshake kind of smoothie.

And if you're up for a smoothie challenge, you can create this ombre drink in glass bottles.


  1. You need a lot of patience. Like 2-3 hours worth of waiting around for each layer of smoothie to freeze up.
  2. My tip is to create a jug of dark shade of green smoothie to start with. Fill up 4-5 different shades of green in separate glasses (or go crazy with as many shades), add 1-2 spoonful of plain yoghurt each time to the green smoothie. 
  3. Stir well before pouring them into the bottle or glassware. 
  4. Allow each layer to semi-freeze before adding another layer. 

Have fun + stay healthy! Keep being awesome folks!



Tapas Time at Glass Brasserie


Coming back to Sydney after a 2 weeks vacation was great. We were invited to Glass Brasserie where Leon Korobacz (@hungrysydneysiders) and I had a delicious tapas (and cocktail) time at chef Luke Mangan's restaurant. 

We started off with the prettiest cocktails in town. It was everything a girl could dream of when in Sydney CBD, sipping cocktails overlooking the sandstone facade of QVB.

We had a variety of tapas to choose from. We couldn't say no to Crisp Zucchini Flower, Canapé Kingfish Sashimi and Waygu Burger Slider. The juicy mini burger was one of my favourite tapas, it was compact and filled with delicious goodness (of a normal size burger).

Glass Brasserie's signature dish, Kingfish sashimi was served in a traditional Chinese spoon. One mouthful is enough to savour the beautiful flavours of the fish seasoned with ginger, eschallot and Persian feta.

And you can't say no to Peking Duck Pancakes. Served with cucumber, shallot, coriander & hoisin. I had to say it was finger licking good!

Now, we've been saving room for Luke Mangan's out-of-this-world Chocolate Dome dessert. We all love watching the waiter pour the hot cranberry sauce into the dome, to reveal sweet honeycomb and vanilla gelato. Mix the elements all up with a spoon, the taste is simply divine!

Glass Brasserie is located inside Hilton Sydney Hotel. It's hard to miss the modern sandstone and glass building on George Street. I simply love the gorgeous interior space with natural lighting and high ceilings. A great place to bring a date, I reckon, hehe.

Have a fab day, all!



The Lamb at Ribs & Burgers

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

So, I woke up one day and said to myself, "It's time for a burger flatlay." Hahaha. 

Headed off to my favourite Ribs & Burgers restaurant in Central Park, Sydney. 

The burger of the month is The Lamb, and boy it does not disappoint. It's a succulent, juicy burger served with beautifully grilled lamb shoulder meat,  slices of cucumber, mint and cream cheese. Simply mouthwatering. 

We practically tried all the other burgers but that is another story to tell another day.

And don't forget to order the side dishes like you know, the fries, which is pretty standard. Hehe. I particularly love Ribs & Burgers' Thin Onion Fries and Sweet Potato Fries if you're after something more exciting hehe. 

Cabbage Salad is actually one of my favourite dish at Ribs & Burgers. There's something about purple cabbage and mixed seeds, tossed in vinaigrette and fresh herbs that taste heavenly. Delish.

Thank you, Aaron and the team at Ribs & Burgers. Always making sure my burgers and fries look their very best for flatlays, hehe. Jokes. 

Anyways, have a fab day folks! Burgers and fries forever.


Ribs & Burgers

Central Park Mall, RB09A/28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

Weekend Brunch at Bowery Lane

Photo Credit : Priscilla Barbosa Photography

Photo Credit : Priscilla Barbosa Photography

Just another day brunching with friends. This time, we found our hang at Bowery Lane in Sydney CBD. If you're longing for the buzz of New York City, this place has got the NY vibes. I'm loving the rustic interior with exposed bricks and timber. 

We started off our Sunday with four fresh juices and smoothies. You have to try the Green Power Juice and The Cleanser. 

For the weekend brunch, we had to try Boy Scout and Smashed Avocado. The breakfast dish, Boy Scout is filled with goodness of poached eggs, field mushrooms and sauteed kale, sprinkled with paprika crumb. Just divine. 

Smashed Avocado was especially yummy with quinoa and persian feta, served on sourdough bread.

The boys particularly love Bowery Lane's Black Onyx Scotch Fillet, they wiped the dish clean! Perfectly cooked, medium rare steak served with potatoes. Simply soft and tender, it is simply to-die-for!

The Market Fish of the day was salmon. We gotta have salmon grilled in spiced butter and fresh salad. Add a zest of lemon for the tangy flavour.

For an Asian inspired dish, the Confit Duck Salad has all the fresh greens - rocket, green mango, bean sprouts - tossed in finely chopped mint and chilli. Subtle but delicious.

For side dishes, we have Charred Broccollini. A simple dish but simply mouth-watering. The broccollini is served with lemon dressing and toasted almonds.

It's such a great place to brunch at Bowery Lane or drop over for a cup of coffee. Beautiful interior with a fantastic atmosphere. Very friendly and attentive staff. 

Pop over Bowery Lane if you're ever in the city of Sydney. And it's so close to Circular Quay, it's an even better reason to check out the NY interior if you're planning a day out.

Thank you for popping over.

Stay fab!

Bowery Lane 

Shop 1, Level 4,
1 O'Connell St,
Sydney NSW 

Mon-Wed: 7am - 10pm
Thur-Fri: 7am – Late
Sat: 5pm - Late


Brunch Haven at Middletown

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Middletown was brunch haven. We met up with my Melbourne friend, Vickie Liu (check out her fabulous Instagram @vickiee_yo) one weekend at Pahran's New Kid On The Block.

We started off with beautifully brewed matcha latte and Coffee Waffles. It was the prettiest plated waffle in Melbourne. Topped with strawberries and  truffle ice cream, sprinkled with edible flowers and micro herbs, the Coffee Waffle was just yum.

Next stop, gotta try the Trio Mushrooms as I'm a HUGE fan of anything mushrooms. Served on home made celeriac puree with crispy pancetta, poached eggs, pecorino cheese and brioche soldiers

Lamb Neck was something you have to try when in Melbourne. This dish looked simple but it exceeded our expectations. Tender meat served with pickled beetroots, heirloom baby carrots and sweet potato, topped with smoked yoghurt.

Wagyu Brisket On House Brioche was a delight. I particularly am in love with the crispy chard (it's like a yummy veggie crisp). The wagyu was served on toasted brioche, with a generous serve of mustard aioli, fruit relish and salad. Just divine.

Now, this one I'm super excited with. Quinoa Salad is a very pretty (and mouth-watering) salad dish. It's got all the nutrition you need - stone fruit gel, halloumi cheese, fennel tops, radish, pickled and roasted cauliflowers. 

We will be coming back to Middletown for sure. Loving their all-day breakfast and lunch, with beautiful mod interior, it is a perfect place to hang out with family and friends. 

229 High Street Prahran
Victoria 3181

Open 7:00 — 16:00 weekdays, 8:00 — 16:00 weekends.