Flatlay With Hello Miss May : Part 2

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Welcome to Part 2 of my mini tutorial on how to create pretty flatlays. A quick recap before we start getting creative.

We've spoken about :

1/ Surfaces    2/ Natural Lighting    3/ Shadows    4/ Objects    5/ Camera

Once you've got all of these factors right, the rest is easy breezy. 

Have these in mind when doing a flatlay:


Just have fun and play with the objects that you have. Just see what it would looks like if you were to move that tea cup from the bottom left to the center part of the flatlay. Get creative and experiment.


Have you heard of positive elements and negative spacing? It's finding a balance between those two, by creating a composition that no one area is overpowering another.

e.g. My tea cup could be off center on the bottom left, but it is well balanced with peonies and orchids covering the rest of the surface.


I get people asking how did you do it? It's really that simple. Put your camera in the center of the flatlay, and slowly move above from center point till you get an overview of the flatlay.

Think of it as a focal point without a tripod :)



We live in the digital age where we can shoot a million shots if we want to. And I'd highly recommend that! Keep shooting multiple shots, in case the other image was a blur or it was off center.


Try not to think of sticking to one flatlay style. Try as many variations as you can with flatlays. The more you discover, the better you'll become. Before you know it, you can do it in a matter of minutes!

In my case, when I create flatlays, I don't have a set mind of what the 'end' is going to look like. I'm always excited to see new layouts I can create with my flowers and tea cup. They never ceased to surprise me!


And that's pretty much it for today! Thanks for popping by hehe.

For another overview with what I did with @flatlayforever, you can visit the link here :)


Have a fab day all!