Jamaica Blue : The Signature Harvest Collection

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

It was a beautiful day to just brunch in Sydney. And I'm loving Jamaica Blue's Signature Harvest Collection. The idea behind it was to celebrate the beauty of great food and to have a natural and locally sourced produce. 

Everything was just, simply, yum! I'm loving the breakfast bowls (which I got to try all three of them) - Super Fruit, Vitality and Enrichment Bowls. My favourite has got to be Vitality Bowl. I'm a alfalfa and green peas fan.

The Signature Harvest Collection's salads were just divine. The dreamy name of Ocean & Earth Salad does not disappoint. Beetroot cured salmon with the prettiest garden salad, tossed with the most delicious Seed & Nut Bar. I totally went 'nuts' for the Seed & Nut Bar. 

Zucchini Garden Salad was simple and nutritious. I've always loved grilled zucchini and Jamaica Blue makes it a memorable one. This dish was served with rocket and fresh herbs, sprinkled with feta and pumpkin seeds and delicious tahini on the side.

Now, having eaten the Dark Chocolate & Fruit Bar, I have no guilt. Simply knowing it's jampacked with healthy nuts and seeds kind of goodness.  

Well, thank you guys at Jamaica Blue for having me and my friend, Ria around for the media launch. We got to meet the lovely nutritionist and chef, Zoe Bingley-Pullin who gave us a tour at the EQ Markets nearby and we got to watch her whip up her favourite wholefood dish, the Enrichment Bowl. 

The prettiest table setting I've ever been to this time around. Flowers that I got to bring home to my design studio. Thanks folks and I can't wait to see more of the Signature Harvest Collection!

Have a fab day all!




How To Make A Yummy Muesli Kind Of Breakfast

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

So, I'm a big fan of the colour green. This is a true story haha, as I have lots of green things, including a forest green coat and a mint green bike.

Anyways, in today's blog, I'd love to share how to create a pretty smoothie + muesli kind of breakfast. I'd like making my smoothie from scratch. Here's one which I've used for a green smoothie. Link here. But, if you have a store bought yoghurt in fruity flavours, you're more than welcome to use it too, hehe. 

Often times, I eat in colours so I normally would go for all sorts of fruits (as long as they taste delicious too!) especially berries and kiwis. 

Ingredients (or... with what you have in your pantry + fridge)

 1. green smoothie (click here for recipe) + white yoghurt (to create marble effect)

2. fruits - strawberries, blueberries, golden kiwi

3. almonds

4. muesli

5. flowers from your garden

Grab a shallow pasta plate or bowl. Scoop in a few spoonfuls of good green smoothie goodness. I normally make mine the previous day, so it's ready to go. Yay!

Use a tea spoon to drop in dots and dashes of white yoghurt to create a fun, marble kind of effect. Just have fun and it doesn't have to be perfect, really.

Now, the assembling part is my favourite. Place the muesli first (they can get messy if you place them last, hehe). Then, the fruit slices go next. 

Strawberries sliced thinly, approx. 3 cm so it stays afloat in smoothie. No one wants their fruits to sink to the bottom! For the blueberries, I love a scallop effect, so i cut them into half. 

Now, the golden kiwis are my favourite part to slice. cut from the middle, and imagine a zigzag line has been drawn around the kiwi. Use a sharp knife to cut the patterns. Once you've pulled the kiwi fruit apart, you'll get the most gorgeous star pattern you'll ever lay your eyes on!

And yes, I eat the kiwi skin, haha, someone told me it's really healthy. So, I went along with the idea of health (to be honest, I'm just being lazy)

Popped in the kiwi, almonds and flowers into the smoothie bowl. And voila, before you know it, you've created a true masterpiece!

Hope you enjoy your smoothie as much as I do teehee.