Pink Smoothie Recipe

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

Who doesn't love strawberries? This recipe is easy breezy. Anyone can do it. Yeah!

First thing's first, you need a good blender. And a mix of fresh and frozen ingredients. Takes minutes to blend them up. Truly!

  1. INGREDIENTS (Recipe serves 2-4, depending on the size of bottle or glass)
    2 tablespoons full of greek yoghurt (or any yoghurt you fancy). When I meant full, like a ginormous mountain made of yoghurt.
    1 cup of strawberries cut into halves*
    1 frozen banana 
    1/4 cup milk**
    a bunch of mint leaves
    *If you have frozen ones, by all means, use them! Frozen strawberries give it more of a ice cream texture.
    **any milk of your choice

OPTIONAL : add  1/4 cup of vanilla custard if you feel like a milkshake kind of smoothie.

And if you like coconut water like I do, you can add a dash into it as well. I use Raw C Coconut Water, just love the taste of it :)

Add all ingredients into blender and blitz them till the smoothie turns a pretty pink. 

One thing I learn (since I'm that lazy person who likes cooking things in bulk, so there's always food in the fridge haha) is to make a tub full of pink smoothie goodness, ready to go for breakfast for the next few days to come. Often times, I just drink it or eat with berries and muesli. 

Have fun + stay fabulous!