My Sugar House Dreams...

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

The first time I heard of Sugar House Studios, was from my gal pal, Vickie Liu. She just came back from London, and she had all these amazing photos of this pastel dream house. That was when my obsession started (and kind of, never end).

When I finally got to London, in the Spring of 2016, I knew this is what I came for. Haha. Forget about ice creams and Apple Stores, Sugar House was my everything. 

I met a couple of Londoners, and there was this rumour going around that it is going to be taken down. No one knew when and I just had to go!

Surprisingly, not conveniently located in the bustling inner City of London, the Sugar House Studios was a little bit out of the way for a traveller. Hehe. It took about 35 minutes to get to Stratford near the Olympic Park, but you know what, going into an industrial area on a Sunday is kind of... a weird kind of day trip. There was barely anyone.

The weather was dull and grey. It poured at some point. I got lost twice, and some random truck drivers wanted to pick me up to this "other" industrial area. Google Map wasn't helpful. All the men I talked to, had no idea what this pastel dream house I'm obsessing about until one guy at the boom gate did. Yay!

When I got there, it was all worth it. I was the happiest! Surrounded by plain warehouses and industrial buildings, the Sugarhouse Studios stood out like a candy house in Hansel And Gretel. It was everything I dreamt of. I swear, I could even taste the candy flavours of the pastel tiles.

The pastel palette wall made p of concrete tiles, was a delight, upclose. They reminded me of the townhouses in Brussles, where the've 

So, I found out much later it was called a Yardhouse which makes part of the Sugarhouse Studios. Inside the Yardhouse, you'll find a fun and bright creative studio and events space built by Assemble.

I didn't get a chance to visit the space inside but the Sugar House Studios seemed like a fun place to work as a creative and to run workshops and exhibitions. They have indeed relocated to a new postcode (address below). I can't wait to see what Sugar House Studios look like in 2017!



Sugar House Studios
Old Address

107 Stratford High Street, E15 2QQ London

New Address

Building C, Bermondsey Campus, Collett Road
SE16 4DJ London



I adore London. To bits (and pieces). I personally find that the buildings are quaint and cute, even the people are jolly and cute. Looking forward to being back again next year!

Here, in this post, I'm sharing my top 5 snacks. It's cheap eats at its very best, teehee. I love snacking and I just want to share the joy. 4 out of 5 of them are totally Instagrammable!



Here's my Top 5 Best Snacks Under £10

1. Maitre Choux, South Kensington 

My number one reason visit to London, truly, is to see this place with my very own eyes (and my pair of glasses). Maitre Choux, thank you for making my dessert dream come true. If you're on a diet, please look away. The eclairs, choux and chouquettes pastries are crafted by Michelin Star chef, Joakim Prat and his team. It's way too beautiful to eat. My favourite flavours is Spanish Raspberry Pink eclair, filled with a soft mousse with a tinge of rose water. I'm in heaven.

£6 // 15 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ES

2. Cereal Killer Cafe, Shoreditch 

So, if you're a cereal fan (even though I'm a 30 something), this is the place to wander into. Cereal Killer Cafe brings me so much joy. Transported me back into my Kellogs Frosties and Coco Pop childhood days.

They have a wide array of choices, cereals from all around the world, from Frankenberry (USA) to Kariot (Israel) right up to home, Nutrigrain (AUS). And Cereal Killer Cafe just don't stop there. More than a dozen choices when it comes to the type of milk and toppings. Cinnamon or bubble gum milk? Wait a minute, I can have crispy M&M's and strawberry for toppings? It's already giving me a mini headache, as I'm the worst person, when it comes to making a decision.

I just went with the craziest looking milkshake, typical Miss May, haha!

from £2.50 // 139 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB

3. Fish! Kitchen, Burrough's Market 

I was here 5 years ago and I came back for, literally, the best fish & chips that I ever had in my young life.

Look no further for the best Fish & Chips in town. Fish! Kitchen is a takeaway tucked around the corner in Burrough's Market. It's madness trying to get a sitting spot, but no worries, the fish of the day can still be enjoyed, standing around or sitting on the side lanes. I had haddock, and blimey, it was tasty as.

£8.50 // Borough Market, Cathedral St, London SE1 9AL

4. Tombo, South Kensington 

Possibly the best matcha ice cream, outside Japan, is here in Tombo, London. The soft serve was just delish. There are more to Tombo than just ice cream though. My mouth was salivating over the Matcha Souffle Cheesecake and Aubergine Miso Soup that went past my wandering eye. Honestly, did not have time to try everything in the menu (with a busy day browsing museums nearby), but I'll be back!

£3.95 Soft Serve // 29 Thurloe Place | South Kensington, London
Ethiopian-Good-Food-Vegan-in-London-Ethiopiques, Upmarket, Brick Lane Sunday Market-UK_Hello-Miss-May-Cheapt-Eats.jpg

5. Ethiopiques, Upmarket, Brick Lane 

I stumbled across Ethiopiques by chance. Just a beautiful (and may I say, colourful) selection of healthy vegan salads and hot dishes. I'm loving the chickpeas, lentils and beetroot dishes. You can try a little bit of everything and it doesn't cost you much at all. Generous portion and just beautiful flavours. Served with 'Injere', a savoury pancake. I remembered leaving Brick Lane, very happy and thinking, that was amazing!

£7 //Sunday Upmarket and Boiler House on Brick Lane, Tower Hamlet, London, E1