Flatlay With Hello Miss May : Part 1

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

I thought I'd like to share a very simple tutorial to create a pretty flatlay. I always use flowers to create my monthly calendar which I pair up with my handwritten calligraphy of the month.

Here, I want to share how simple it is to do a flatlay! I'm using my bunch of flowers that I have in my Hello Miss May design studio. You can use anything you want from leaves to citrus to books. Think creative!



For a clean look, I love working with white surfaces, preferably matte. Never use shiny surfaces, as the light reflects from it. We can get creative with surfaces next time, but first we'll start with the basic one :)


I work with what I have, which is my backyard in Surry Hills, Sydney (haha!). I'm a firm believer of make do with what I have, hehe. Shoot in a semi-shade unless it's a dull kind of day. A gloomy and cloudy day actually provides the best natural lighting anyone can ask for!

Besides, always look for indirect sunlight. The perfect day to shoot is early morning or late evening.


Always look for soft shadows. Anything that's mid day with harsh sunlight, casts a lot of dark shadows around your flatlays. I find harsh shadows kind of takes away the main focus of my flatlays.


Objects are easy to find. Look for something you love and are truly inspired by. For me, I'm obsesses with flowers, fruits and dessert. I just love shooting them. They make me happy. So, think of something that you really like, and want to create with.

In this tutorial here, I'm using flowers from my design studio. And a nice tea cup.


Now, you need a good device to shoot with. In this tutorial, I shot with an iPhone 7 (OMG, I had an iPhone 6s, this camera is a level up!). You can use any device or any cameras, but I highly recommend using a good one. Think of high resolution. It is the size of the pixels that counts.

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Now, that you've got all these factored in, let's work on a flatlay! Scroll down for the next blog, hehe.







Flatlay With Hello Miss May : Part 2

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Flatlays with Hello Miss May. Think of white table top and natural lighting. Photo Credit : May Leong

Welcome to Part 2 of my mini tutorial on how to create pretty flatlays. A quick recap before we start getting creative.

We've spoken about :

1/ Surfaces    2/ Natural Lighting    3/ Shadows    4/ Objects    5/ Camera

Once you've got all of these factors right, the rest is easy breezy. 

Have these in mind when doing a flatlay:


Just have fun and play with the objects that you have. Just see what it would looks like if you were to move that tea cup from the bottom left to the center part of the flatlay. Get creative and experiment.


Have you heard of positive elements and negative spacing? It's finding a balance between those two, by creating a composition that no one area is overpowering another.

e.g. My tea cup could be off center on the bottom left, but it is well balanced with peonies and orchids covering the rest of the surface.


I get people asking how did you do it? It's really that simple. Put your camera in the center of the flatlay, and slowly move above from center point till you get an overview of the flatlay.

Think of it as a focal point without a tripod :)



We live in the digital age where we can shoot a million shots if we want to. And I'd highly recommend that! Keep shooting multiple shots, in case the other image was a blur or it was off center.


Try not to think of sticking to one flatlay style. Try as many variations as you can with flatlays. The more you discover, the better you'll become. Before you know it, you can do it in a matter of minutes!

In my case, when I create flatlays, I don't have a set mind of what the 'end' is going to look like. I'm always excited to see new layouts I can create with my flowers and tea cup. They never ceased to surprise me!


And that's pretty much it for today! Thanks for popping by hehe.

For another overview with what I did with @flatlayforever, you can visit the link here :)


Have a fab day all!




Faffing With Flowers


I just thought I wanna share my love for flowers here. A little behind the scenes of what I do when my bunch starts withering. I have trouble throwing flowers away (yeah, I guess there are signs of hoarding here, haha!)

One day, I came up with an idea of bringing the flowers back to life by making a cloud or heart shape out of the petals. I'll start faffing outside my house, right on the footpath. I play with colours and shades.

One of my neighbours seriously thought I was mourning or going through a spiritual moment or something, haha!

In a strange way, I am appreciating the flowers right to the end. I'd do a few shoots with my shoes of the month. I have favourites, hehe, and this month of April, it's the silver brogue shoes from Wittner.

When the sunsets, I'd put the petals away into my garden as compose.

A sad tale indeed :)

Have a fab week!




Jamaica Blue : The Signature Harvest Collection

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

It was a beautiful day to just brunch in Sydney. And I'm loving Jamaica Blue's Signature Harvest Collection. The idea behind it was to celebrate the beauty of great food and to have a natural and locally sourced produce. 

Everything was just, simply, yum! I'm loving the breakfast bowls (which I got to try all three of them) - Super Fruit, Vitality and Enrichment Bowls. My favourite has got to be Vitality Bowl. I'm a alfalfa and green peas fan.

The Signature Harvest Collection's salads were just divine. The dreamy name of Ocean & Earth Salad does not disappoint. Beetroot cured salmon with the prettiest garden salad, tossed with the most delicious Seed & Nut Bar. I totally went 'nuts' for the Seed & Nut Bar. 

Zucchini Garden Salad was simple and nutritious. I've always loved grilled zucchini and Jamaica Blue makes it a memorable one. This dish was served with rocket and fresh herbs, sprinkled with feta and pumpkin seeds and delicious tahini on the side.

Now, having eaten the Dark Chocolate & Fruit Bar, I have no guilt. Simply knowing it's jampacked with healthy nuts and seeds kind of goodness.  

Well, thank you guys at Jamaica Blue for having me and my friend, Ria around for the media launch. We got to meet the lovely nutritionist and chef, Zoe Bingley-Pullin who gave us a tour at the EQ Markets nearby and we got to watch her whip up her favourite wholefood dish, the Enrichment Bowl. 

The prettiest table setting I've ever been to this time around. Flowers that I got to bring home to my design studio. Thanks folks and I can't wait to see more of the Signature Harvest Collection!

Have a fab day all!