Pizza Time with my Kitty and Yellow Tail

Loving my Pinot Grigio from Yellow Tail, sipping wine and enjoying my time creating Margherita and Gorgonzola pizzas at home, with my little helper, Louis the kitty cat.

The Gorgonzola turned out to be extra delicious. I caramelised my onions till it’s soft and they are a dark walnut color. In the oven, I baked my sliced potatoes with rosemary until they have a nice crisp to it. And of course, you will need the Gorgonzola cheese, which can be purchased from any supermarket.

I never knew it would take hours to make pizzas from scratch. Now, whenever I have one from a pizzeria, I just have a greater appreciation for freshly made pizzas.

Have a fab week everyone.


LifestyleMay Leong