Glamping with HOSHINOYA Fuji

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Have you even been to a glamp camp? Let me take you to HOSHINOYA Fuji. It is Japan’s very first, and it has a gorgeous view of Mount Fuji.

Only 20 minutes away from Kawaguchi-ko Station, HOSHINOYA Fuji is nestled in the hills and pine forests. If you’re looking for a quiet place to chill and enjoy the view, this is pretty much the place to be.

I love Cloud Terrace. It’s located at the very top of the resort. Our glamping room was located on the foot of the hill. In saying that, it was worth the 15 minute hike up to Cloud Terrace! Surrounded by pine forest, there were many layers of decks, hammocks and seating area to lounge in. I was transported into Endor, you know, where you find cute Ewoks.


And if you make it to the top of Cloud Terrace, a jar of marshmallows are pretty much waiting for you. And yes, you gotta make a s’more from the open campfire.

In the evening, we had Dutch Oven Dinner out in the forest. It was actually a really cosy dinner, where we feast on autumn mushrooms and game meats, sourced locally. I always love mushrooms and it was a treat. There was even wild boar in the menu! Our glamping master took great care of us, we stayed nice and warm with electric and wool blankets.

In the early morning, my brother went for a morning canoe in Lake Kawaguchi. It is one of five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji.

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Breakfast came in the cutest wooden box. We had delicious Spanish omelette and mushroom soup with freshly baked Dutch oven-baked bread. We got to enjoy breakkie in our room with the view of Mount Fuji. I could easily spend here all day!

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