Makers Shakers Sydney

Makers Shakers Sydney

Great news Sydneysiders! Come find me at Stall 25 this Saturday, 6th October. Hello Miss May store is returning again with the awesome one day market called Makers Shakers.

I’ll be selling my cute prints, cards and lapel pins. So, pop by and say hello!

Makers and Shakers is back at Marrickville Town Hall. It is packed with talented designers and makers. And did I mentioned bakers are gonna bake as well?

It’s a cute one day only independent market. Think of really good music and well curated stalls.

Makers Shakers Sydney

For more information, pop over Makers Shakers’ website. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram too!

See ya guys there!

Makers Shakers Sydney

Cutest Christmas Labels

Cute printable Avery labels, by Hello Miss May

Cute printable Avery labels, by Hello Miss May

It's that time of the year again. I'm loving Christmas and everytime I get the chance to design some cute printable tags, I always get super excited to see it on my Hello Miss May packaging. 

This year, I've collaborated with Avery Australia to create cute, yet simple printable tags. I had so much fun creating the printable tags with my marker pen. It's all about love, joy and loads of hearts. It's available as a printable PDF file, free for all.

Hope you guys like the printable tags I've created. Link here. Head over to Avery to purchase the printable tags. It's so easy to use, and it comes in an A4 sheet of 10.

Happy making and creating folks!




International Friendship Day

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

It's International Friendship Day! And I'm missing this bestie of mine :)

How do you celebrate a special day like this? I'm thinking of all the fun and cute gifts I am getting for my close friends. Etsy has always been my favourite place to shop online. Being a maker and designer myself, it's really important for me to give back to the community and support small business, hehe.

Here's what I love. This is a flatlay I've made, an oldie but a goldie, hehe.

Below, are a list of makers and shakers with direct links to their websites. 


Have a fab day, all!



1. Unicorn + fox + girl with a bun wooden brooches // bacon & eggs + sausage dog + cactus lapel pins Hello Miss May 
4. Donkey wooden brooch Little Brown Dog 
5. White Kitten lapel pin Surfing Sloth

1. Resin with rose gold, silver and gold foil Sly Pony Studio 
2. Pom Pom bangle Love Astrid

1. Milky Way coffee cup La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick 
2. Cloud + Heart + Polka Dot trinket Urban Cartel 
3. Mini Cat Vase Gail CC

1. Ice Cream Van dish Mima Workshop 
2. Wooden Camera Brainbow 

Christmas in July

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

It's July and baby, it's cold out here (in Sydney, of course). I reckon everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere is having a wonderful summer's day and I'm so jelly right now.

Anyways, I am excited to share my favourite makers + shakers from Etsy. If you're running out of ideas of what to shop this month in July, head over to Etsy for more fun and unique gift ideas.

Here's my quick guide to my all time favourite Etsy makers :)

1. Cutest Kablooie cat skirt by the lovely Brissie maker, Kaneena Fanning.

2. The softest and prettiest Merino Wool throw you'll ever own. Snuggle up with Ohhio chunky blanket. It makes me a very happy girl (The large knitted white throw on top right)

3. Gorgeous white and blue porcelain plate by Melbourne based maker, Lucile Sciallano of La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick . (As seen in the image with chocolates and pink meringue)

Have a fab day, all!




Faffing With Flowers


I just thought I wanna share my love for flowers here. A little behind the scenes of what I do when my bunch starts withering. I have trouble throwing flowers away (yeah, I guess there are signs of hoarding here, haha!)

One day, I came up with an idea of bringing the flowers back to life by making a cloud or heart shape out of the petals. I'll start faffing outside my house, right on the footpath. I play with colours and shades.

One of my neighbours seriously thought I was mourning or going through a spiritual moment or something, haha!

In a strange way, I am appreciating the flowers right to the end. I'd do a few shoots with my shoes of the month. I have favourites, hehe, and this month of April, it's the silver brogue shoes from Wittner.

When the sunsets, I'd put the petals away into my garden as compose.

A sad tale indeed :)

Have a fab week!




An Avery Christmas

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

Christmas tree, you like? Hehe. Did it just today. It's easy as.


If you love cute tags, I have a fun Christmas template for you. You could easily create them with Avery Gift Tags which I simply adore how easily and simple it is to use.

Download my template I've created especially for you guys. Link here.

Have a fab week leading up to Christmas, y'all!




Miss May's Favourite Things

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong


Welcome to Miss May's world, the second time around hehe. As you guys know already, I'm a kind of a collector (but my friends insist I'm a hoarder, teehee).

Of late, I've been swapping my goods with the other makers and shakers from California to London, right back down to all the cities in Australia. I'm obsessed with lapel pin and brooches lately and I wanna share it with anyone who will hear me out haha.

Below, are a list of makers and shakers with direct links to their websites. 

Have a fab day, all!



1. Handpainted Cat Ceramic Brooches Gail CC
2. Handpainted Strawberry + Watermelon ceramic brooch Paper Boat Press 
3. Unicorn + hedgehog + girl with a fringe wooden brooches // David Bowie + bacon & eggs + pretzel + sausage dog + fox + cactus lapel pins Hello Miss May 
4. Make For Good (Okay Sign) and Hedgehog Collar Clips Whistleburg
5. Retro Record Player + Sensitive (Tear Drop) + Pastel Pink Palm Tree Lapel Pins Color Theory
6. Cheesecake + Let's Taco 'Bout It Lapel Pins by Lizzie Darden
7. Fish In A Bowl Brooch Layang Sieraden

1. Resin with rose gold, silver and gold foil clear bangle and pastel blue ring Sly Pony Studio 
2. Silver Studs Glacier Jewellery

1. Milky Way coffee cup La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick 
2. Cloud + Heart trinket Urban Cartel 
3. Heart + From My Garden + Gather tags Paper Boat Press 

1. Strawberry Organic Lip Balm Archon Designs
2. Rainbow Cookies by Vickie Liu
3. Ice Cream Van dish Mima Workshop 
4. Handpainted House Plants Tara Galuska