Hello Miss May's Quick Instagram Edit


Hello guys!

Many of you have asked me what filter I used on Instagram to edit my photos. Actually, I don't, hehe. I skipped the filter section on the left and head straight to the edit part of Insta.

Here's a super quick tutorial on what I've used. Below is the original mermaid flatlay photo I took today with my iPhone. Courtesy of the Instagram Husband, of course, @hungrysydneysiders.

For me, if the image is taken using natural light, and it's not the kind with that casts strong shadow, there is no need to use all the fancy filters. 

My top fives are Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, Saturation and Shadows.

Brightness is great to bring out a photo (imagine, more light) and Contrast helps further distinguish objects. See how the beautiful merino blanket and pom pom hat, pops out a little.

In this flatlay, there is a slight tinge of cool colours, so I move the warmth bar upwards to 40 (depending on how cool the colours are gravitating towards).

Saturation is great to intensify colour (or in my case here, a slight opposite for me) as I'm aiming for a soft feel.

And I added Shadows to create more depth in the photo. 

Now, onto my best kept secret. I love, love, love using Colours when I get a chance to. Basically, to add a little bit more 'spice' to my image. 

Here's what I've found out by tapping a colour circle twice in Shadows, I get to adjust the percentage of how much 'Navy' kind of shadow I'd like to cast.

I know earlier on, I did add Warmth to the overall image, but by adding a cooler colour in Shadows, help create an overall, softer image.

Above, is a quick overview of what I've used. Any questions, feel free to comment here or on Instagram :)

All I can say is, always play with the Edit section, and find your fave kind of style. If you're into strong and colourful photos, then, I would work on the Contrast and Saturation bit. Another example would be, if you're into monochrome, Saturation and Shadows are your friends.

Hehe. Have a fab mermaid kind of day!