Comfy with Typical Dutch

Beautiful, yet unusual rooms at Hotel The Exchange.

Beautiful, yet unusual rooms at Hotel The Exchange.

As you’ll have known, I’ve spent a week in Amsterdam at Hotel The Exchange. Leon (of @hungrysydneysiders) and I managed to find out typical Dutch treats and snacks to share with, in this blog.

Here, I’ve teamed up again with Hotel The Exchange to create this season’s food guide. I’ll be talking about the amazing Dutch eats that are minutes away from Hotel The Exchange. There is such a wide variety to choose from.


It’s a great idea to start off the day at Hotel The Exchange’s Café STOCK. Grab a nice cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some sun in the outdoor seating area. 

I love Café STOCK, as it’s located on the world renown street in Amsterdam - Damrak street, which is bustling all day long.

For something delicious and Dutch, we ordered Café STOCK’s pancakes with ham and cheese. The combination, is just perfect. I had to try the sweet version with a squeeze of fresh lemon and syrup. It tasted just as yum as the savoury ones!

Dutch pancakes for breakfast at Cafeé STOCK, Hotel The Exchange.

Dutch pancakes for breakfast at Cafeé STOCK, Hotel The Exchange.

For those who are planning to visit Amsterdam, it's good to know that Hotel The Exchange is currently offering guests who book their breakfast in advance, their STOCK menu for €13.50 (the usual price is €15.00. ).

This includes coffee or tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, a boiled egg, a croissant and a sandwich.

The STOCK menu does not include the pancakes, so for those who are interested in the other breakfast options please head to this link :)

Café STOCK Damrak 50
Left or right? When in Amsterdam, you have got to try the raw Herring.

Left or right? When in Amsterdam, you have got to try the raw Herring.

Quick Lunch

Now, care to join me on a typical Dutch foodie adventure? 

First stop, we’re going to try some Dutch raw fish (and it has nothing to do with sushi!).

Stubbe Haring is only 7 minutes walk away from Hotel The Exchange. It’s hard to miss the fish stall as you will see many locals surrounding the food vendor, on the Singel Canal.

This is a typical Dutch street food. I found out it’s an old Dutch tradition dating back 600 years! My favourite has got to be the raw herring served in a bun, complete with onions and pickles. It’s called a broodje haring.

Leon of @hungrysydneysiders took the challenge of eating like a Dutchman.

Leon of @hungrysydneysiders took the challenge of eating like a Dutchman.

For the brave and adventurous, I would highly recommend eating like a Dutchman where you’ll eat the raw herring ‘straight up’ by holding it by its tail and slowly eat it.

Stubbe Haring's raw fish was strangely delicious! Soft in texture and it smells fresh and salty. This place is a local (and also a tourist) hotspot, so make sure you don’t arrive too late in the evening, as the fish stalls selling raw Herrings normally close early.

Stubbe Haring, Spui 7



For those who have never heard of Stroopwafels before, it is to-die-for! It is basically a yummy Dutch waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough. The middle is spread with creamy and buttery caramel syrup. Stroopwafel, when translated into English simply means “Molasses Waffles”.



These Dutch cookies are best when fresh and I’m taking you to the yummiest in town - Van Wonderen Stroopwafels.


It is a mouthful to pronounce, isn’t it? Van Wonderen Stroopwafels is just 11 minutes away from Hotel The Exchange. This Dutch dessert place is heaven! The large cookies are made fresh to order with all sorts of colourful toppings - mini marshmallows and M&Ms are my favourites. What I loved about these fresh Stroopwafels is that, it is not too sweet. I can have two of them, anytime!


Van Wonderen Stroopwafels, Kalverstraat 190

A Snack From The Wall

If you need a quick snack then your in luck, Just one street away from Hotel The Exchange, is FEBO. What’s a FEBO, you might ask? It truly food on the run, the best way to grab a bight when your in a rush. 

Basically its a hot food vending machine that is refilled every couple of minutes offering fresh and  delicious hot treats. All you need to do is make a choice from the window slots, the range includes Dutch classics -delicious kroket, frikandellen, hamburgers and kaassoufflés. 


Then, all you need to do is to put the right amount into corresponding window slot and voila, the door opens with your mouth-watering snack ready to eat. My personal favourite has got to be the satay flavoured kroket.

FEBO, Damrak 6



Thank you for reading this post for a foodie adventure in Amsterdam. More to come on what to eat when staying at Hotel The Exchange!

Have a wonderful autumn season all! And for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, happy Spring!