Breakfast At Bake Bar


Bake Bar was just yum. I was out and about with my friends in Double Bay, and we had to try out this brunch place.

We basically had a little bit of everything! Fantastic fare, from mini rolls to Gusto's Famous Breakkie Combos. I'm loving the Breakkie Combo because I get to choose from a variety of homemade granola muesli, rhubarb compote, mixed berry compote and fruit salad yoghurt. 

I have to say, Shakshuka is my fave. It's a mediterranean style dish baked in Bake Bar's beautiful homemade tomato salsa, served with eggs and toast. There was a green version too, which is more of a pesto style. Both dishes cooked to perfection.

Bake Bar is well known for their gorgeous organic sour dough bread.  Made with the very best ingredients, the Multigrain Sourdough bread and Chocolate Croissant are one of the yummiest I've ever had in Sydney. 

It's a bustling artisan bakery in the Eastern Suburbs. Great staff, ever helpful and always smiling, Bake Bar is an awesome place to just chill out with family and friends. Find yourself a nice table, and you'll be transported into another world, just indulging in Bake Bar goodness. 

(I'll be writing about Bake Bar's yummy dessert selection, so stay tuned!)


15 Kiaora Ln, Double Bay NSW 2028