Miss May's Favourite Things


Welcome to Miss May's world. I'm a bit of a collector (but my friends say I'm a hoarder, haha! Whatever...). Here, I wanna share with you my favourite things, alongside my own cute designs teeheehee, all found through Finders Keepers markets and Etsy. 

Below, are a list of makers and shakers with direct links to their websites. 

Have a fab day, all!



1. Ice cream + Pineapple Cocktail wooden brooches Deer Arrow 
2. Courage, dear heart + Cherry + Watermelon ceramic brooch Paper Boat Press 
3. Unicorn + fox + girl with a bun wooden brooches // bacon & eggs + sausage dog + cactus lapel pins Hello Miss May 
4. Donkey wooden brooch Little Brown Dog 
5. White Kitten lapel pin Surfing Sloth

1. Resin with rose gold, silver and gold foil Sly Pony Studio 
2. Pom Pom bangle Love Astrid

1. Milky Way coffee cup La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick 
2. Cloud + Heart + Polka Dot trinket Urban Cartel 
3. Heart + From My Garden + Gather tags Paper Boat Press 
4. Mini Cat Vase Gail CC

1. Strawberry Organic Lip Balm Archon Designs
2. Unicorn + XO Heart Cookies by Vickie Liu
3. Ice Cream Van dish Mima Workshop 
4. Wooden Camera Brainbow 
5. Octagonal Mint Green Ring Polli