Ribs & Burgers Zetland


It was a sunny, wintry kind of Sunday. And the first thing that came to mind, after a week of non stop rain in Sydney, was a hearty lunch with my friends.

I was craving for a rack of ribs and cheese burger, and guess what? There is such a place in Zetland, Sydney and it is called Ribs & Burgers.

Ribs & Burgers have just launched their new winter menu and we are loving the option to create our own burgers! We had to try the burger called 'The Naked' with mushroom. My friend, Ria was curious, "Does it even have a burger bun?"

'The Naked' burger is a lettuce cup filled with salad, grilled pumpkin, tomato and onion salsa topped with mashed avocado and vinaigrette dressing. The combination was effortless and delicious. 

We are also loving the Bacon + Cheese burger. No one can say no to Ribs & Burgers' Angus beef patty and Aunty Joan's yummy pink sauce. 

Now, onto the grilled ribs. This is why we were here in the first place. The Beef ribs served with scrumptious Seeded Slaw,  was succulent and barbecued to perfection. I even added a Pocket Beef Burger on the side which by the way, is the cutest baby burger I've ever tasted.

To add a little sweet touch, we had to try Spiders Grapetiser, Milo and Vanilla Malt milkshakes. Pure happiness.

And the staff at Ribs & Burgers are such a lovely bunch of people. Thank you for a lovely Sunday, folks!  


Ribs & Burgers // 6 Defries Ave, Zetland, Sydney