My Big Fat Greek Eats

Photo Credit : May Leong

Photo Credit : May Leong

It was Sunday, and we were on our way to Aristotles Launch Menu in Neutral Bay. 

Aristotles, the place itself is stunning. The owner and former architect, Maria O'Meagher, has good taste. The interior is inspired by the romance of Aristotle Onassis and Jackie O. I was in love with the antique maritime portholes which also double up as a mirror. How clever!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with the prettiest cocktail called the Greek Goddess. It was love at first sight. Made of the prettiest fluffy floss with pink grapefruit and Greek Prosecco. Taste divine.

For Meze, we had marinated olives, Taramosalata dip with beautiful chargrilled Pita Bread. Just sublime.

I really enjoyed the Aristotles Haloumi which is honey sweet and fruity. With a dash of balsamic and sprinkle of walnuts, pomegranate and grapes, they make great small plates to share.

The chargrilled octopus was cooked to perfection. It was our first full taste of a complete BBQ octopus tentacle, it was succulent smokey tangy and will live long in our memory as an enjoyable first tentacle.

Oh my gosh, the Barbecued Cypriot Sausages arrived with a bang. I did not manage to take a good picture of the yummy dish, but you'll have to find out when you get there. Hehe. With lemon tzatziki on the side, long after the fire had extinguished the sausages continued to burn on in delightful bursts of flavour. The dish was sizzling hot, literally. 

The next dish was a large plate of Assortment of Spit Roasted Lamb, Chicken and Pork. They go well together with Green Village Salad and Feta Chips with garlic oil and oregano.

I was really looking forward to dessert and Aristotle did not disappoint. Not just your average baklava, it is a Pistachio Baklava Cigar which tasted divine. Paying tribute to the Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis. 

Beautiful and chic, Aristotles is the perfect place to hang on a weekend with friends. And mind I say, if you're thinking of date night, I would totally take that special someone there.