Hello. It's Operator 25 :)


Photo Credit : Leon Korobacz

Operator 25 has the cutest interior in Melbourne town! Literally, the cutest. 

I'm so in love with the retro style artworks on display at Operator 25 especially "Call Me Maybe" as it's one of my favourite song by Carly Rae Jepsen. 

Now, let's get into brunch mode.

The Match Almond Hotcakes is to-die-for. Scrumptious green matcha hotcakes served with grilled pear, sprinkled with macadamia, dark chocolate and freeze dried berry. The beautiful dark red berry sauce is just divine.

I'm a fan of the dish, Cured Kingfish. It comes with coconut crumbed prawn on sushi rice with all the pretty garnish you'll find in a sushi. But, only, this time, it is deconstructed. 

Now, onto the BBQ Pork Benedict. Playful dish with succulent pulled pork served with perfectly poached eggs. The crunchy wonton skin and soft English muffin, together with coriander hollandaise sauce, is just wow.

Operator 25 is a fun and playful place to be. Perfect hang with family and friends for brunch. Once upon a time, it was a telephone exchange building. I love retro things and I cannot lie. And I love it ever more when it is done right. You got to pop by if you're ever in Melbourne!


25 Wills St. Melbourne, VIC 3000