Feasting with Naughty Nuri's


I remembered my first trip to Naughty Nuri restaurant in Bali. Everyone tells me it's the place to have pork ribs. The first bite, was simply heaven.

Now, I can say goodbye to the 6 hour trip from Sydney to Bali because Naughty Nuri's in Melbourne! 

We ate so much (I counted, we had about 14 dishes, which isn't too bad haha), I was totally diagnosed with food comma afterwards. We had everything from Crispy Pork Ears to Satay Ayam (Chicken Satay) to Gado Gado.

You gotta try Naughty Nuri's signature BBQ Pork Ribs dish (dated 1995 in the menu). This is what we came for, and it sure did not disappoint.

I thought pig ears was scary, but, Naughty Nuri's made them so delicious, you want to keep eating the Crispy Pork Ears with the other Naughty Tapas such as Lemongrass Spiced Calamari and Tempeh Cracker. Just scrumptious!

My personal favourite is Ikan Bakar Jimbaran which might sounds gibberish to you and me right now. Ikan Bakar Jimbaran is simply freshly grilled or barbequced seafood fish which is commonly foung in warungs (food stalls) clustered around Bali's Jimbaran beach and fish market. 

A great place to be with family and friends. Be sure to get there with an empty stomach because the portions are huge!


Shop 317 Level 3 Melbourne Central 211, La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC