I'm May Leong. Nice to meet you. My friends call me Miss May. You can call me May haha. 

I'm quite a day dreamer (since a kid, my mom kept reminding me that). Designer + illustrator by trade, based in Sydney. On other days, I style and photograph things, lots of things; collaborating with well loved brands such as Oreos, Pocky Sticks, Happy Socks and Magnum. Just lots of fun things really.

Armed only with my iPhone 6s, I'm about to venture into the Canon world.

I just love drawing from a very young age. I used to make cute cards for my family and friends, even set up a 'pretend' card store so I could sell my handmade cards. Today, my dream came true when I set up my design studio and online store, selling adorable greeting cards : fun and fit for the 21st century! Where else can you find cards that says "Cray Cray", "Totes" and "Caturday"?

Inspired by everyday living, I draw from my heart. My illustrations are then turned into beautiful artwork, wooden brooches, tea towels and greeting cards. Link to my shop here

You can read more about me in Child Mags.


All photos on this site were taken by May Leong unless cited.