Surry Hills, Australia.

Surry Hills, Australia.


May Leong

Hello, I'm Miss May. A designer and a self-taught illustrator based in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Thanks to my parents who were always encouraging me to draw, eversince I could hold a pencil, I started off making “otterly” awesome cards for my family. And I've never stopped, since. 

I was born in Melaka, back then a sleepy town in Malaysia. I have always dreamt of exploring the world as an archaeologist, instead I choose to go to a design school in Sydney. 

These days, I balanced my studio work with personal creative work and travelling. I am also a mother of a kitty named Louis. He is the cutest white fluffball ever.

My creative approach—in illustrations and photography—is to find a balance in form and colours. I am most inspired by cats and indoor house plants at the moment. They are my ‘muse’.

My Instagram & photography journey started in 2014. I did it out of love, as I wanted to share my illustrations and love of cute things on Instagram. I was very happy to be part of the creative community. My passion for photography and styling grew, as I find myself doing flatlays everyday just for fun.

Often times, many people ask me how I started my small business and grew my Instagram account. My three little tips are: 

  1. Be yourself. Don’t settle for a copy.

  2. Work really hard.

Stay awesome all. And remember, when you are starting out, simply do it because you love it, out of passion and excitement. Everything that comes after, including work and press, it’s like a bonus. I remembered the first time someone offered me work for my flatlay photography, I was over the moon. Till this day, I still could not believe I’m getting paid to do what I love.








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